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How an Alaska HIE is Improving its Patient EHR Matching Strategy

by Kate Monica

healtheConnect Alaska — formerly the Alaska eHealth Network — is taking steps to overhaul and optimize its health information exchange (HIE) services with an emphasis on improved patient EHR matching. Problems with patient EHR m...

Harnessing Effective EHR Use for Improved Patient Care

by Elizabeth Snell

Improving EHR use can help reduce physician burnout and strengthen the patient care process. When healthcare providers understand how to best leverage new technologies and are able to adopt and implement an integrated EHR system, both patie...

How Web-Based EHR Systems Save Community Hospitals Money

by Kate Monica

More and more health IT companies are working to develop affordable EHR system offerings geared toward meeting the needs of small, rural, and community hospitals. Enterprise health IT companies such as Epic and Cerner — which formerly...

Refining Patient Matching Process for Stronger Health Data Exchange

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare organizations understand that patient matching is an important aspect of the safe and secure electronic exchange of health information, but providers must ensure they have the right tools to accurately identify patients and then ...

How Health Data Exchange Prepares Clinicians for Care Challenges

by Kate Monica

Without access to health data exchange, clinicians risk missing out on key patient information and running into problems with adverse drug reactions, duplicative testing, and medication errors during care delivery. Providers at hospita...

Patient Data Access Next Step in Healthcare Interoperability

by Elizabeth Snell

The push for nationwide healthcare interoperability has been fueled by organizations integrating EHRs and working toward as smooth of a transition as possible into the digital era. Now that the technological aspect is there, it is becoming ...

CMS Efforts to Cut Administrative Burden Still Need Improvement

by Kate Monica

In the wake of discouraging reports highlighting the negative effects of strict federal regulation and EHR use, CMS has pushed administrative burden reduction to the top of its agenda. In 2017, CMS Administrator Seema Verma introduced a new...Similarly, the new MyHealthEData initiative spearheaded by the Trump Administration and supported by CMS, ONC, VA, and other federal agencies supports improved health data access. “We love to see that patients have meaningful control ...Biden recommended policymakers include legislation in forthcoming information blocking rules mandating that healthcare organizations enable complete EHR patient access within 24 hours of a request. According to a recently released Unified A...

AHIMA Fuels Clinical Documentation Improvement with New Toolkits

by Elizabeth Snell

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) helps healthcare organizations capture meaningful data for improved quality reporting and clinician productivity. In an effort to ensure that the entire patient record is documented properly, AHIMA r...

Leveraging Provider Communication for Better Care Coordination

by Kate Monica

With EHR systems now commonplace in hospitals and health systems nationwide, many healthcare organizations are turning their attention and resources toward EHR optimization to improve care coordination. Before Vanderbilt University Medical ...

Will Specializing EHR Interfaces Solve the EHR Usability Problem?

by Kate Monica

The arduous process of integrating EHR technology into doctors’ offices has introduced clinicians to a new world of complex daily challenges, and the present lack of EHR usability only serves to exacerbate the problem. Stakeholders ar...“The interfaces of EHRs are always referred to as clunky,” Boyd told EHRIntelligence.com. “People interact with well-designed and seamless tools like mobile phones and web browsers, but the problem with EHRs is the design ...Physicians in the study preferred collapsible EHR notes that highlighted abnormal information with colored text and bold font.  The EHR note design helped to reduce clutter and enabled physicians to quickly locate the most relevant and...

How Clinician Engagement Can Make or Break an EHR Implementation

by Kate Monica

A poorly-executed EHR implementation project can cause myriad problems for healthcare organizations ranging from financial trouble to internal conflicts between hospital management and staff. In the months after an EHR system go-live, hospi...Prioritizing Clinician Feedback in EHR Selection Selecting the EHR vendor that best suits the specific needs of a certain healthcare organization’s patients and providers is key to successfully pulling off an EHR implementation. Virtu... Clinician Engagement During, After Implementation Virtua’s Epic EHR implementation project team comprised about 150 staff members dedicated to enabling as smooth a deployment as possible. “Probably somewhere around 40 to 5...Virtua began training its clinicians on the system after the go-live — an imperative and oft-overlooked aspect of the EHR implementation process that can either set health systems up for success or failure. Texas-based Medical Center ...

How EHR Use Enables Effective Responses to Public Health Crises

by Kate Monica

Last year, providers at hospitals and health systems across the country faced major care challenges when dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters including Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the northern California wildfires. The ...With expectations to treat higher-than-normal patient volumes, health center officials immediately made efforts to leverage all communication, analytics, and health data exchange tools available through Petaluma’s eClinicalWorks EHR s...Currently, there is no regional health information organization (RHIO) or statewide HIE in Petaluma’s area. Petaluma and other community health centers in the region engage in health data exchange through a connection to the Redwood C...

How CommonWell Adapts to Constant Health IT Innovation

by Kate Monica

At the start of 2018, CMS Administrator Seema Verma announced health IT innovation would be a top priority among stakeholders. Three months into the year, this assertion has proven true: Google, Amazon, Apple, and other tech titans have sou...TEFCA and the Changing HIE Ecosystem The health data exchange community — especially health information exchanges — are still coming to terms with the implications of ONC’s health data exchange framework, TEFCA. The still-...Asnaani sees several ways of sidestepping problems with incomplete or erroneous information. “There’s three things you can do,” he said. “First, you can get everyone to have a better level of data in the first place....

ONC Health Data Exchange Framework to Disrupt HIEs Industry-Wide

by Kate Monica

Days into 2018, ONC released the first draft of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) designed to streamline health data exchange and advance interoperability per provisions of the 21st Century Cures Act. While most st...“Information blocking regulations will be generally applicable to the whole industry,” said Gravely. “The combination of TEFCA and information blocking rules means nobody has the luxury of sitting this out and saying, &lsq...

How Specialty-Specific EHR Functionality Improves Patient Care

by Kate Monica

The majority of EHR companies have developed solutions targeting the needs of inpatient and ambulatory organizations and workflows of primary care providers. Allscripts, Cerner Corporation, Epic Systems, and other large enterprise companies...

Specialty Practices Anxious Over 2018 Quality Payment Program

by Kate Monica

Reducing regulatory burden was one of the primary aims of the 2018 Quality Payment Program (QPP) final rule, but current requirements still negatively impact patient care and clinical workflows. Despite administrative burden associated with...

Recognizing Healthcare Interoperability as a Moving Target

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Verbs used to describe work on interoperability (e.g., achieve, reach) give the impression that the task once done is complete. But the emergence of new technology and data sets with the potential to positively impact care delivery renders ...ONC as Collaborator ONC has helped champion several efforts to advance healthcare interoperability in collaboration with industry, such as the patient matching algorithm challenge and support for the development of the FHIR API. “We h...

ONC Chief Keen on Moving Health IT Innovation Beyond the EHR

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Healthcare interoperability and health IT usability were front and center at the 2017 ONC Annual Meeting in the nation’s capital and indicative on a change that took hold within the federal agency in recent years following its su...Addressing the Problem of Documentation According to Rucker, the emphasis on clinical documentation is understandable as far as federal health plans, namely Medicare, are concerned. “The rules on documentation are there for a reason &...

Consolidating to Simplify Health Data Exchange, Interoperability

by Kate Monica

True interoperability for improved health data exchange persists as a top healthcare industry priority among stakeholders in both the public and private sector as 2017 comes to a close. Health IT developers, health information exchanges (HI...“NEHEN is trying very hard to crack the nut of prior authorization, because it’s the next big frontier in terms of administrative simplification,” said Delano. “All the other transactions have been addressed. We&rsqu...“Whether that’s achieved through an Apple app or some other collective, consolidated view that still has yet to be developed, that’s ultimately where we should be headed,” he said. “That will impact society and...

The Importance of Efficient EHR Use in Behavioral Healthcare

by Kate Monica

While healthcare industry stakeholders agree on the benefits of EHR use and health data exchange among hospitals and primary care facilities, EHR use in behavioral health settings is still uncommon and lagging behind.   One behavioral ...MetroCare aims to disrupt this trend of lackluster behavioral health data use by working with Netsmart to build emerging data analytics capabilities into its EHR system. “One of the things we’re working on with XenatiX that we&r...“A lot of that comes from an electronic health record,” he emphasized. “You can pull data on what worked from those large numbers of people coming through that provide important, meaningful information better than you can ...



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