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Developing Quality Measures to Succeed in Value-Based Care

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The ability for care quality measures to paint an accurate picture of the patient care experience depends on the availability of reliable data, yet the latter remains a persistent challenge for providers participating in value-based care mo...NQF recommends beginning measuring areas where providers have data clearly showing improvement over baseline. “That’s the easiest place to start,” said Goldwater. The next step is to then expand to other areas where large ...NQF advises stakeholders to consider quality measurements that are “interoperability-sensitive” to determine where data exists to populate measures and provide a “more robust and accurate metric about where quality is now ...

Team-Based Model Key to Achieving the Quadruple Aim at Reliant

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The key to success in value-based care is sharing the workload, claims the head of Reliant Medical Group.  “One of the things we know need to solve for and we have by no means have is getting away from one person needs to shoulde...These early results gain further credence with the recognition of the healthcare organization as a top place to work by The Boston Business Journal. Reliant was the only provider group to crack the top ten. So then what has enabled the orga...Reliant’s leadership has looked to both its medical personnel and physical infrastructure as opportunities to put the idea of team-based practice into action in the name of value-based care. “What we’re doing is unusual &m...“Make no mistake: We still have some providers who like the way they’re practicing and aren’t all on board with team-based care,” Elsawy observed. “When you have been trained to do things one way and then all o...

Why Are Physicians Hesitant to Invest in Value-Based Care?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Federal quality reporting programs aim to improve the patient experience and health of populations and reduce the cost of care, goals their participants are clearly in favor. However, the latter take umbrage with the expense required of phy...Beyond quality measures, the tools necessary for reporting this data to CMS and federal agencies fall woefully short of AMA’s expectations and those of providers. “Some of it is related to EHR vendors and AMA’s belief that...Debating an investment in value-based care Early in 2015, CMS announced a plan to shift half of all Medicare payments from fee-for-service to value-based care in the form of accountable care organizations and bundled payments by 2018. As pa...“Loosening the restrictions and making it easier for physicians to participate in APMs is the way we should go,” Barbe argued. “APMs are probably a better model ultimately for these quality-based programs. They d...

A Unique Platform for Educating New Doctors on Efficient EHR Use

by Kate Monica

Over the past few years, the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine began to notice a problem. While EHR technology had become ubiquitous in the healthcare industry, medical school curricula had not evolved...

Keys to Successful EHR Selection in a Value-Based Care System

by Kate Monica

While most providers understand the goals of the value-based care system, many still approach EHR selection through a volume-based lens. According to a post by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CIO John Halamka, MD, health IT vendor...

KeyHIE Innovates for Interoperability, Population Health Management

by Kate Monica

Operational since 2005, Keystone Health Information Exchange (KeyHIE) is one of the oldest and largest health information exchanges (HIEs) in the country. The Pennsylvania HIE began with only three participating hospitals but has since expa...

Standardization, Collaboration Drive Interoperability at Cerner

by Kate Monica

Achieving true interoperability is paramount to maximizing the myriad benefits of health IT and delivering safe, efficient patient care. Federal agencies, healthcare organizations, and health IT companies alike are working to facilitate sea...Less proprietary information, more collaboration Cross-industry collaboration will lead to rapid innovation and widespread standardization. On the flip side, information blocking is a surefire way to stagnate progress according to Rathore. ...

How Surescripts Approaches Patient Safety Improvements

by Kate Monica

Accurate patient identification and data retrieval is crucial to ensuring patient safety in care delivery. The potential repercussions of misidentification range from adverse drug reactions to inadvertent patient harm resulting from unknown...

HealthlinkNY Redefines Role of a Health Information Exchange

by Kate Monica

HealthlinkNY, the health information exchange (HIE) in central New York, continues to cement its position as one of the leading health information networks currently in operation. A recent study used the HIE headquartered in Binghamton to m...Since the implementation of the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY) which connects the various health information networks throughout the state, clinicians and patients in the state have reaped the benefits of a conne...

Judy Faulkner: Epic Will Offer New Cost-Effective EHR Options

by Jennifer Bresnick

Epic EHR products may be in use at the majority of top-ranked hospitals and health systems in the United States, but many smaller organizations balk at the hefty investment and steep price tag involved in adopting the company’s produc...The two lower tier products will include options for expansion, Faulkner told EHRintelligence.com, giving organizations an easier, more flexible onramp.  A more measured adoption cycle may be very attractive to providers who wish ...

How the EHR Selection Process Influences Specialist EHR Use

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Key to a successful EHR selection process is meaningful use dialogue between providers and EHR vendors. This is especially true for specialists for whom fewer EHR products are designed and available. That is one of several takeaways from a ...

How EHR Cloud-based Solutions Support Provider Independence

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

A prevailing opinion in healthcare holds that myriad and increasing regulatory mandates make the task of operating an independent physician practice overly fraught with challenges and  likely not worth the risk. Jeremy Luckett, MD, of ...

Factors Contributing to Hospital EHR Implementation Success

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

More than two years ago, Beebe Healthcare in southern Delaware made an important decision about their health IT infrastructure in deciding on EHR replacement technology to demonstrate meaningful use in the near term and prepare for a transf...

How EHR Optimization Can Help Reduce Physician Burnout

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The causes of physician burnout are legion — technology, regulation, reimbursement — but the solution may be as simple as completing certain EHR optimization activities. Mississippi's Memorial Hospital of Gulfport is tacklin...

Moving from EHR Fragmentation to EHR Optimization in Miss.

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Memorial Hospital of Gulfport currently finds itself in the position of improving inefficiencies in its EHR use following years of health IT maturation at the Mississippi health facility. The EHR optimization process represents a marked dep...

Leveraging Health IT for Clinical Documentation Improvement

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Well before the implementation deadline for ICD-10 last October, clinical documentation improvement was a well-established aim of healthcare organizations and providers seeking gains in both clinical efficiency and data integrity. Now with ...

Epic EHR Patient Portal Gets Interoperability Makeover, CEO Says

by Jennifer Bresnick

The annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition may be best known for bringing together tens of thousands of excited health IT experts with big data and ambitious new innovations on their minds, but the real heart of the largest gathering of hea...

Will Carequality Lead EHR Vendors to EHR Interoperability?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The Sequoia Project and Carequality have taken significant steps forward in advancing EHR interoperability by brokering agreements with several health IT vendors to implement its framework for point-to-point health information exchange. Fiv...

How Changes in Primary Care Delivery Impact EHR Selection

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The EHR selection process is about choosing the right tool for the right purpose. If EHR technology is to support care delivery, then its functionalities must be well suited to the clinical workflows of its end-users. This is hardly a reali...

Health Information Exchange to Build on 2015 Advancements

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Interoperability and health information exchange are deeply intertwined. While advancing interoperability should enabled the more efficient exchange of health information, health data exchange is already taking place through the leveraging ...



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