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Cerner, Lumeris Partner for EHR-Agnostic Value-Based Care Solution

Cerner and Lumeris launched a new EHR-agnostic offering designed to assist organizations in value-based care arrangements.

Cerner and Lumeris partnered to launch a new value based care health IT product.

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By Kate Monica

- Cerner and value-based care managed services operator Lumeris recently announced a ten-year collaboration intended to streamline health data exchange, claims processing, and reimbursement cycles through a new health IT product offering.

The new EHR-agnostic health IT solution — Maestro Advantage — is designed specifically to assist health systems succeed under value-based arrangements such as Medicare Advantage and provider-sponsored health plans.

Provider-sponsored health plans allow provider organizations to manage the cost of healthcare services and health plan rates under one umbrella organization. The health plans let provider organizations compete with commercial payers while lowering their own costs and improving care quality.

The collaborative effort between Cerner and Lumeris will also help providers overcome obstacles to health data exchange and patient health record sharing to enable better-informed care delivery and improve patient health outcomes.

“The United States health care system’s transition to value-based care has been impeded by disjointed technology, cumbersome processes, misaligned incentives and inadequate management of clinical and financial outcomes,” said Lumeris board member and Kleiner Perkins chairman John Doerr.

Maestro Advantage lowers the barriers to data transparency and sharing and empowers physicians and health systems,” he continued. “However, we know technology alone is not sufficient. Maestro Advantage is an innovative model with supporting processes and expertise to aid long-term success in value-based care arrangements.”

Maestro Advantage integrates health data and insights with clinical workflows to improve health systems’ abilities to succeed under value-based care. The health IT solution also allows providers to more effectively assess risk and create interventions to improve patient health outcomes for patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage and provider-sponsored health plans.

“The combination of Cerner’s and Lumeris’ core competencies through Maestro Advantage is disruptive,” said Doerr. “Maestro Advantage is designed for patients to receive enhanced access to primary care and a level of service that was previously only delivered via expensive concierge medicine programs.”

“Better outcomes and higher patient and provider satisfaction will provide our country with the health care system we deserve,” he added.

As part of the collaboration, Lumeris will adopt Cerner’s population health management platform — HealtheIntent — to leverage its clinical methodology and advanced analytics for lower health system spending and improved health outcomes.

Together, Cerner and Lumeris will identify health systems most likely to benefit from Maestro Advantage. Large health systems pursuing multi-year growth strategies are best positioned to succeed with the health IT solution.

“Our collaboration with Cerner holds incredible promise at a time when it is urgent we fix our health care delivery system,” said Lumeris CEO and chairman Mike Long. “Maestro Advantage creates a patient-centric health care delivery network. Prevention and wellness become the top priority rather than treatment and ‘sick care.”

“Physicians and care teams will get access to timely data and easy-to-use, actionable insights at the point of care,” Long continued. “Combined with a proven, value-based accountable primary care model, physicians can truly advocate for their patients, ensuring they receive better care and are more satisfied on their health care journey.”

Initial deployments of Maestro Advantage are expected to go live in the second half of 2018. Broad market implementations are slated to begin in 2019, according to Cerner.

An executive steering committee comprising members of Lumeris and Cerner leadership will provide oversight and governance for the development, client delivery, and future innovation of the health IT product.

As part of the partnership, Cerner invested in Lumeris’ parent company — Essence Group Holdings Corporation — to fund outreach to large health systems participating in the transition to value-based care.



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