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CMS suggests questions to ask clearinghouses about ICD-10 transition

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has provided a list of questions for providers to ask clearinghouses and billing services about their preparedness for the October 1, 2014 ICD-10 compliance date.  CMS has provided the following questions as a jumping off point for conversations about ICD-10 readiness and cooperation:

• Are you prepared to meet the ICD-10 deadline of October 1, 2014? Where is your organization in the transition process?

• Can you verify that you have updated your system to Version 5010 standards for electronic transactions? (Only systems with Version 5010 can accept ICD-10 codes; systems with the older, Version 4010 standards cannot accommodate ICD-10.)

• Who will be my primary contact at your organization for the ICD-10 transition?

• Can we set up regular check-in meetings to keep progress on track?

• What are your plans for testing claims containing ICD-10 codes? How will you involve your clients, such as my practice, in that process?

• Can my practice send test claims with ICD-10 codes to see if they are accepted? If so, when will you begin accepting test claims?

• Can you provide guidance or training on how my clinical documentation will have to change to support ICD-10 coding?

• Do you anticipate any pricing changes for your services due to the switch to ICD-10?

CMS suggests that providers investigate using a clearinghouse or billing service to aid the the ICD-10 transition if one is not already in use.  “Consider asking other health care providers in your area if they have established relationships or contacts they recommend.  Act soon so you have plenty of time to select the service that best meets your ICD-10 needs and budget.”

For more information on ICD-10 and access to the latest CMS resources, visit the CMS ICD-10 website.

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