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DOD to develop personal health plans through online assessment app

By Jennifer Bresnick

- The Department of Defense (DOD) is planning to develop an online health assessment application, accessible through its member web portal, to allow the Military Health System (MHS) to track wellness, health, and at-risk behaviors for its service members.

The dynamic app will include self-reported information, biometric data from the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA), and ideally, integrated EHR data from a patient’s individual VA record.  This information would combine to create a Well-Being Plan, a personalized strategy offering actionable steps to improve patient health.

The plan would be available to the patient’s medical team, to be consulted and reviewed at the point of care.  The DOD envisions that this tailored information will be part of a shift towards preventative care using predictive simulations, identifying risk factors before they become acute health problems.

Currently, the DOD is gauging interest in the development of the application, asking for vendors with expertise in the area.  Feasibility testing is slated for 2013, with release of the app in 2014.  Click here for the complete Request for Information.

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