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EHR Incentive Program statistics for August 2012

By Kyle Murphy, PhD

Early in September, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released estimates for the Electronic Health Record Incentive Programs through August 2012. The numbers are now final, and here’s a rundown of who’s registered and who’s getting paid:

August 2012 registrations

Eligible professionals (EPs)

Medicare: 11,503 of 192,016 YTD
Medicaid: 4,422 of 91,130 YTD

In the month of August, 11,503 EPs registered for meaningful use program for Medicare, which represents the most registrations in one month during this calendar year. This figure exceeds the previous highest mark of 9,204 registrations last February. Doctors of medicine or osteopathy comprise the greatest portion of last month’s registrations: 10,123 of 11,503 (88%).

For the EHR Incentive Program for Medicaid, the program received registrations from 4,422, an increase of nearly two thousand registrants over the previous month (July 2012) of 2,622. Physicians represent the lion’s share of Medicaid registrants, their 2,837 (64%) outstripping the next highest category, nurse practitioners, by roughly two thousand registrations.

Eligible hospitals (EHs)

Medicare Only: 0 of 214 YTD
Medicaid Only: 2 of 96 YTD
Medicare/Medicaid: 87 of 3,663 YTD

Compared to EPs, hospitals had a down month. The 89 total registrations are the lowest in nearly four months and well short of this year’s high mark of 170 established last January. Of the 89 registrations, nearly all (87) were Medicare/Medicaid. The remaining two were for Medicaid only.

August 2012 payments for EPs and hospitals


Medicare: $130,748,806 (7,284 payees) of $1,267,068,609 (74,317 payees) YTD
Medicaid: $73,581,701 (3,505 AIU* payees) and $3,221,501 (374 MU** payees) of $1,140,158,421 (55,012 payees) YTD

*Adopt, implement, upgrade
**Meaningful use

August 2012 was a significant month for Medicare incentive recipients. The 7,284 payees were more than double the previous month’s beneficiaries of 3,165 payees. Doctors of medicine or osteopathy continue to receive the most incentive payments. In total, 14,467 family practitioners and 13,623 internists have received more than 42% of all Medicare incentives: $483,928,022 of $1,139,584,583. In August, 6,787 doctors of medicine or osteopathy received $121,901,363 of the $130,748,806 doled out during the month. Bear in mind that Oct. 3 is the deadline for EPs to begin their reporting period and receive maximum benefits.

Similarly, physicians are well ahead of any other healthcare practitioners for Medicaid payments. Thus far, 40,353 physicians have received $833,179,251 of the $1,140,158,421. August was no different. Of the total $ 76,803,202 paid out in August, $54,014,702 went to 2,744 physicians.


Medicare: $195,924,560 (113 payees) of $2,335,991,384 (1,333 payees)
Medicaid: $80,835,389 (114 AIU payees) and $20,644,761 (37 MU payees) of $2,178,292,073 (2,572 payees)

For hospital categories in the Medicare program, subsection (d) hospitals are well ahead of critical access hospitals (CAHs). The former (1,145 payees) have pulled in $2,220,803,954 while the latter have received $115,187,430 (186 payees). In August, 101 subsection (d) hospitals received $186,831,432 and a dozen CAHs raked in $9,093,128.

Two types of hospitals are eligible for Medicaid, acute care (including CAHs) and children’s hospitals. In August, only acute care hospitals received incentives for AIU and MU: $80,835,389 (114 AIU payees) and $20,644,761 (37 MU payees). To date, only 49 children’s hospitals have receive payments totaling $134,258,210. Meanwhile, 2,523 acute care hospitals have received $2,053,033,862.

Total payments to all providers YTD


Medicare: $1,267,068,609 (74,317 payees)
Medicaid: $1,140,158,421 (55,012 payees)
Medicare Advantage Organizations for EPs: $189,436,486 (11,117 payees)


Medicare Only: $194,761,302 (128 payees)
Medicaid Only: $153,468,345 (73 payees)
Medicare/Medicaid (Medicare Payment): $2,141,230,082 (1,205 payees)
Medicare/Medicaid (Medicaid Payment): $2,033,823,728 (2,499 payees)

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