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Epic Share Everywhere Enables Worldwide Interoperability

Epic patients can now enable any provider online access to their health data without using an EHR system.

Epic EHR

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By Kate Monica

- Epic today announced a new innovation to improve worldwide interoperability with Share Everywhere — a solution allowing patients to authorize any provider with internet access to view their health record.

As part of Share Everywhere, patients can even share health data with providers without EHR systems. Additionally, providers can send progress notes back to a patient’s healthcare organization after viewing a patient health record to improve continuity of care.

“Patients should be able to easily share their health information with anyone they choose, no matter where they are,” said Epic Vice President of Patient Engagement Janet Campbell. “Share Everywhere now makes this possible.”

Share Everywhere is an update of Epic’s patient portal MyChart.

Using Share Everywhere, patients can use their smartphones to send a view of their Epic chart to any clinician in the world. Share Everywhere allows patients to share information with clinicians unable to interoperate in a way that still protects patient privacy. The patient’s privacy is protected by a stipulation that only the patient can determine who can access their health record. Additionally, Epic records which individual accesses all patient charts using Share Everywhere.

Share Everywhere is now available for use at no cost to all patients part of the Epic community as part of the November update of Epic MyChart.

This newest innovation furthers Epic’s goal of ensuring all of its health system users can exchange health records with each other, other EHR systems, government entities, and other national networks.

This work was first started with Epic Care Everywhere, which enables interoperability with both Epic systems and other health IT systems. Healthcare organizations currently exchange an average of two million patient health records per day using Epic Care Everywhere. 



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