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HealthShare Exchange, HIE launches in Southeastern PA

Health information exchange (HIE) is coming to healthcare organizations and providers in Chester, Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania, according to joint statement made by several major healthcare stakeholders in the state. Named the HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania (HSX), the HIE will sustain its operations through funding from acute hospitals in the Philadelphia region, the Independence Blue Cross (IBC), AmeriHealth Caritas, and Health Partners, which will together supply 90 percent of its funds.

“Because our region has no dominant health system and a large concentration of systems in the region, the investment in this exchange has the potential for significant return on investment,” Martin Lupinetti, Acting Executive Director at HSX, said in a public statement.

The need for an HIE in the area is support by claims data research by the health insurer IBC, which found that roughly half of patients readmitted within 30 days after being discharged return to a hospital where treatment was originally received.

During its earliest operations, HSX will focus on two clinical areas: ensuring that discharge information is shared among the patient’s entire care team and providing patient data such as medication list at the point of care.

Through the HIE’s website, HSX has made available its annual implementation goals and four-phase plans for the next three years, which aims ultimately to have 90 percent of hospital settings and 100 percent of practitioners fully connected and operational by the end of 2016.

Beginning with Year 1, HSX plans to grow 3,000 mailbox end points by an additional 3,000 in order to reach 15,000 mailbox end points by Year 4.

Here’s the breakdown of the exchanges four operational phases:

Phase 1: Q1/Q2 2013

• Finalize Bylaws and Structure, Elect Officers
• Finalize Member Participation Agreements and Policies
• Select HISP/HIE vendor partner
• Initiate 501(c)(3) status application
• Develop Website
• Begin deployment discussions with hospitals for facility-based connectivity
• STATE Planning
— Continue to participate on STATE committees

Phase 2: Q3/Q4 2013

• Commence signing up hospital accounts
— 2013 Goal: 4 large health system, 2 community hospitals, 1 health plan

• Continue deployment to practitioner community
— 2013 goal: 3,000 practitioners
— Education and community outreach

Phase 3: 2014

• Continue signing up hospital accounts
—2014 Goal:  3 large health systems, 7 community hospitals, 2 health plans

• Continue deployment to practitioner community
—2014 Goal: 6,000 practitioners

• Create or contract for functionality of EHR end points as part of HIE services

Phase 4: 2015/2016

• Continue signing up hospital accounts
— 2015/2016 Goal:  3 large health system and 4 community hospitals per year

• Continue deployment to practitioner community
— 2015/2016 Goal: 3,000 practitioners per year

More details about the HealthShare Exchange are available on the HIE’s website.

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