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How big data and mobile devices can improve bedside care

By Kyle Murphy, PhD

The rise of mobile devices reminds us what desktop and tethered devices couldn’t provide: ease of access and freedom of movement. The latter kept us tied to our desks, requiring more physical focus than the former. In the health care industry, the failure of nurses and physicians to connect with their patients can prove detrimental to the level of care provided.

Mike Stinson, Director of Marketing at Motion Computing, says that this is the very feedback he continually hears from nurses especially:

The ability to maintain a relationship, eye contact, a physical presence between the care giver and the patient — whether it’s a nurse or the physician — is really important, and it’s one of the things that nurses  in particular say is one of the most important parts their job.

The use of mobile devices and applications by primary care providers has increased significantly in the last year, “We’re seeing people digging into mobilizing their health care data and pushing it out to the bedside or into the field at the patient’s house,” observes Stinson.

And this use is challenging health information technology (IT) developers to design mobile apps and systems that leverage big data at the point of care without compromising the visual and bodily connection caregivers rely on to protect their patients’ health.  The combination of big data and mobile apps begets mobile point of care. With something as small as a tablet, primary care providers can keep their focus on reading signs from patients, which could lead them to clinical decisions that prevent further discomfort.

Watch Stinson explain how Motion Computing is putting big data in the hands of mobile caregivers to improve patient outcomes and preserve the level contact that is essential to quality health care.


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