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InterSystems, Texas HIE Partner to Boost Health Data Exchange

The health IT company partnered with Greater Houston Healthconnect to improve health data exchange services for providers.

Recent health data exchange news includes new partnerships and an EHNAC accreditation.

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By Kate Monica

- InterSystems recently partnered with Greater Houston Healthconnect to boost health data exchange, care coordination, and interoperability for providers across 24 counties in Southeast Texas.

Greater Houston Healthconnect functions as the regional health information exchange (HIE) in Southeast Texas. The HIE went live with InterSystems HealthShare to integrate data from all provider EHR systems throughout the area. By integrating all EHR systems across 24 counties, providers in different hospitals, health systems, and care facilities will have access to a unified patient health record.

Specifically, HealthShare will connect all major health systems and more than 70 percent of the region’s physician groups to streamline health data exchange and interoperability in the area.

“Building the foundation of our HIE on HealthShare will allow us to power 24/7 care delivery to the millions of people in Greater Houston, and to be more prepared for events outside our control, regardless of what factors may come into play,” said Greater Houston Healthconnect CEO Nick Bonvino.

“HealthShare will ensure that we can deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time, and that care quality is never compromised,” he added.

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The HIE will also utilize several HealthShare solutions including the HealthShare Patient Index. The patient identifier matches patients to their EHRs and manages the informed consent model for patients to opt-in the exchange.

“Given the broad patient population in the Greater Houston area, establishing a comprehensive and unified patient record is critical when it comes to delivering high quality patient care,” said InterSystems Vice President Don Woodlock.

“Greater Houston Healthconnect exemplifies what it means to deliver transformational care quality and safety for its millions of patients, regardless of what external factors may come into play, and is bringing new meaning to ‘the power behind what matters,” Woodlock continued.

Greater Houston Healthconnect also offers real-time EHR alerts and notifications to participants to enhance population health management.

Healthcare IT services firm J2 Interactive assisted with migrating Greater Houston Healthconnect to HealthShare from its previous interoperability services provider.

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“Platform migrations are never easy, but J2, in close partnership with InterSystems and Greater Houston Healthconnect, was able to complete a successful migration with an ambitious timeline with no service disruption to existing stakeholders,” said J2 Interactive Vice President and CTO Mickey Yalon.

Greater Houston Healthconnect is an independent, community-based HIE organization serving the needs of providers, payers, and employers in the Southeast Texas region.

Nevada HIE Earns EHNAC Health Information Exchange Accreditation

Elsewhere in health information exchange news, HealtHIE Nevada recently received accreditation from the EHNAC Health Information Exchange Accreditation Program (HIEAP).

The accreditation signals HealtHIE Nevada’s success in health data processing and transactions. Additionally, the accreditation indicates the HIE’s compliance with industry standards and HIPAA regulations.

“Security and privacy are extremely important for operating a health information exchange and in building trust with our participants and patients,” said HealthHIE Nevada Executive Director Michael Gagnon. “We are thrilled to report that we scored 97 out of a possible 100 points on our assessment which is a testament to the dedication and skills of our entire team.”

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The HIE was evaluated in a comprehensive third-party assessment in areas including privacy and security, technical performance, business practices, and organizational resources in HIE policies and procedures.

EHNAC also assessed the HIE’s ability to manage and exchange protected health information (PHI.)

“The amount of protected health information (PHI) and data exchanged electronically within and between healthcare organizations is undoubtedly increasing,” said EHNAC Executive Director Lee Barrett. “As such, there has become a heightened need for all organizations touching this data to have the utmost privacy, security and safeguard procedures in place.”

“Having met the highest standard for privacy and security as it relates to consent, authorization, authentication, access and audit procedures throughout the HIE entity, with its EHNAC HIEAP designation, customers and business partners can have confidence and trust in HealtHIE Nevada’s ability to manage their data with integrity and effectiveness,” Barrett continued.

HealtHIE Nevada includes more than 70 network participants including Dignity Health, Valley Health System, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, and others.

GRAChIE, CGHN Partner to Expand Interoperability for Central Georgia

Finally, the Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange (GRAChIE) recently partnered with Central Georgia Health Network (CGHN) to expand health data exchange and information access for members of both networks.

CGHN includes a growing network of more than 1,000 healthcare providers and independent physicians. The network assists physicians by facilitating favorable payouts, dividends, and contracting.

By partnering with GRAChIE, CGHN providers will be able to engage in enhanced health data exchange for greater access to complete patient health information. CGHN providers will also benefit from secure connections between provider EHR systems through GRAChIE.

“This partnership with GRAChIE will allow us to have access into patient information that we did not have before,” said CGHN Vice President of Quality & Population Health Jodi Ingram. “It represents an important step toward interoperability and will lead to better outcomes and experiences for our patients.”



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