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McKesson expands EHR giveaway program

Popular EHR vendor McKesson Practice Solutions has announced the expansion of its “McKesson Gives Back” initiative, bringing the giveaway of $1 million worth of EHR software to a nationwide pool of applicants.  After opening the opportunity to physicians in 10 cities, and choosing its first recipient in late February, physicians and clinics in any area of the United States who serve uninsured and needy populations will be eligible to receive a free 26-month license of the company’s flagship EHR and practice management suite.

According to the program’s website, qualifying physicians must be in private practice, have a demonstrated history of providing care to the uninsured or underserved for more than six months, and be in primary care, internal medicine, family practice, gynecology, or pediatrics.  Providers must also have a broadband internet connection to facilitate the use of the web-based software.

Bread of Healing Clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the first beneficiary of the giveaway, and anticipates many benefits from their EHR implementation as they serve more than 1,400 uninsured patients on a non-profit basis. “When we are fighting for every dollar, and when we have patients without medications, we have other ways to spend our money,” Barbara Horner-Ibler, MD, Medical Director at the clinic told EHRintelligence. “We could not justify spending $80,000 or more for any electronic record — our patients needed help with the very basics of medicine. So we have never made this investment, even though it would make our lives much easier! McKesson has helped this process. We do not have to take money away from caring for patients to pay for an EHR.”

“One of the things that we’re passionate about is the small independent practitioner,” said David Henriksen, Senior Vice President and General Manager at McKesson Provider Technologies. “Many of the charitable contributions that we’ve made, if not all of them, have been to that small independent setting that by no means could get their hands on technology if we couldn’t do it in a charitable type of format and they weren’t in a not-for-profit type setting.”

For more information about the giveaway program, and to see if your practice qualifies, please visit the McKesson Gives Back website.

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