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MO Coalition Selects Netsmart for Population Health Management

Netsmart recently entered into partnerships with behavioral and mental healthcare providers nationwide to improve connectivity across the care continuum.

Behavioral Health Data

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By Kate Monica

- The Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare is teaming up with Netsmart as the state’s care coordination and population health management solutions provider to support the Healthcare Homes Program.

Following the success of Netsmart’s year-long pilot program with facilities including New Horizons, Compass Health, and Truman Behavioral Health, all community mental health centers in Missouri will begin using the Netsmart population health management solution.

“Before deploying the Netsmart solution, all of our data was in disparate systems,” said Missouri Coalition Clinical Director Rachelle Glavin. “Now we have an aggregate data set that allows us to eliminate many previously manual and duplicative tasks.

“For example, we are now able to automate the calculation of risk for our population, leveraging both encounter and claims data to create a living risk profile for the attributed population,” she added.

The population health management solution offers nurse care managers a view of both physical and behavioral patient health data that integrates directly into the provider workflow. Additionally, the solution provides alerts and auto-generated tasks to inform clinical decision making.

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 “The ability to utilize an intuitive role-based solution that helps prioritize and guide needed tasks by leveraging an extensive data set on our population really helps drive efficiencies for our teams and improve outcomes for our consumers; which is key to thriving in a value-based care world,” said Compass CEO Tim Swinfard.

Implementing the solution statewide is an effort by the coalition to improve health outcomes for all residents. The partnership will increase health data access for providers at care facilities throughout the state to improve care delivery and reduce costs.

“The providers who have been involved in the Healthcare Homes program in Missouri are recognized as national leaders in implementing integrated care and we look forward to helping them accelerate their success,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine.

Texas mental health services provider implements Netsmart EHR

Earlier this month, Netsmart partnered with Texas mental health services provider Metrocare Services to improve behavioral health services across the continuum of care with a new EHR system.

Metrocare will use Netsmart’s EHR system and its accompanying suite of solutions to support mental health, substance use, intellectual and developmental disability, early childhood intervention, and primary care programs across all Metrocare clinical facilities.

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“We have a long history of investing and innovating with technologies of our own and this partnership with Netsmart will allow us to accelerate toward the goal of advancing our care models across Dallas County,” said Metrocare CEO John Burruss, MD.

The partnership will leverage the knowledge base of the team that created Metrocare’s homegrown EHR platform – XenatiX – with Netsmart’s development plans. The new EHR system will include solutions to improve care delivery, data reporting, payment, and research.

Metrocare and Netsmart will fully integrate their teams to optimize clinical, financial, and operational duties at the behavioral healthcare center.

“This is a unique relationship in that we’ve created total alignment right out of the gate so that we both can go faster with our strategies and leverage technology to make healthcare delivery more efficient and cost effective,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine.

The EHR system will provide clinical workflows to manage appointments, treatment plans, and documentation requirements to streamline clinical efficiency.

Netsmart streamlines behavioral health data reporting in MA

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In August, Netsmart received a grant from the Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI) at MassTech to support behavioral health data reporting statewide.

The solutions vendor will develop, test, and implement an automated interface to record and exchange children’s behavioral health data. The interface will also share this data with the Commonwealth’s Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI).

Exchanging behavioral health data with healthcare providers across the state and integrating data with CBHI is expected to eliminate more than 400 hours of duplicative manual reporting every month.

Massachusetts behavioral health clinicians providing care for MassHealth’s children must use a standardized Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) reporting tool to record problems and strengths for consideration during treatment. The standardized tools improves efficiency and lowers costs for these medical centers.

Normally, clinicians must enter CANS data into their EHR systems and then reenter the information into the Massachusetts state EHR platform, called the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) Virtual Gateway System.

“With this grant, we anticipated our staff would be able to eliminate the repetitive work of reentering duplicative information into different databases to save time and money, and more importantly, allow them extra time to deliver essential care to their clients,” said Executive Vice President and CFO of the Home for Little Wanderers Michael Pearis. “Nearly all of our programs conduct CANS assessments and in achieving the first milestone of the grant project, our clinical teams are already beginning to see the benefits this connectivity brings to our organization.”

The MeHI grant was part of a grant solicitation for the development of CBHI interfaces for CANS reporting. 



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