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New NATE Member to Focus on Improving Patient EHR Data Access

The Health Record Banking Alliance is joining NATE to improve patient access to health information in EHR technology.

Patient EHR Data Access

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By Kate Monica

- The Health Record Banking Alliance (HRBA) became an association member of the National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) to promote patient control over electronic health records earlier this week.

Founded in 2006, the alliance is a non-profit healthcare organization designed to advance consumer-focused longitudinal electronic patient records.

“HRBA and NATE are trying to bring about the same end,” said Director of the Health Record Banking Alliance Richard Gibson, MD, PhD. “Both of our organizations are dedicated to giving consumers access to and control over their entire health record because it improves outcomes.  We’re looking forward to working together to achieve our shared goals.”

HRBA leaders consider a focus on consumer control paramount to improving patient access and patient consent in regards to electronic health data.

In an effort to improve patient engagement with digital health information, HRBA gives consumers the chance to maintain a personal health record by aggregating all personal health data into a single record themselves.

The organization encourages patients to request personal copies of their visit summaries from providers following a visit, which is then entered into an account within a secure repository.

Collecting and securing these visit summaries into a single account allows patients to keep a running record of care accessible by authorized providers, family members, and researchers.

The emphasis on individuals controlling their own comprehensive patient health records promotes a high level of patient engagement and investment in personal health outcomes.

According to HRBA, patient-aggregated medical histories encourage efficient, cost-effective care among well-informed patients. The more empowered and informed patients are regarding their own health information, the more likely they are to actively take an interest in improving personal health.

“NATE and the Health Record Banking Alliance agree on a core principle,” said NATE CEO Aaron Seib.  “Consumers are healthier when they are actively engaged in their care but they can’t be successful if their data isn’t all in one place. We are very excited to welcome HRBA as a NATE member.  Together we can accelerate progress on behalf of patients across the nation.”

NATE, also a non-profit, is a membership association centered on encouraging secure health data exchange between healthcare organizations and patients operating under disparate regulatory requirements and exchange preferences.

With NATE backing the HRBA mission, both organizations intend to optimize the benefits of patient-focused, patient-controlled EHRs to encourage patient engagement with EHRs.

Considering the benefits of EHRs are hotly debated among providers and patients alike, efforts to increase patient control and awareness of personal health information could be integral to improving the reputation of EHRs among skeptical consumers. 



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