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New York Hospital Receives $5.7M for Epic EHR Replacement

A New York hospital recently earned $5.7 million in funding for its Epic EHR replacement to enable seamless health data exchange between all hospitals in the UR Medicine health system.

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By Kate Monica

- A hospital within the UR Medicine health system in New York recently received $5.7 million in funding for its Epic EHR replacement.

Jones Memorial Hospital (JMH) is one of three hospitals affiliated with UR Medicine, and received the $5.7 million grant under New York’s Health Care Transformation Program.

JMH intends to utilize the funds in a multi-year project to implement an Epic EHR system mirroring that of other hospitals in its health system.

As part of the UR Medicine network, JMH works collaboratively with other hospitals in Rochester, Livingson, Northern Steuben, and Allegany counties.

By implementing an Epic EHR, JMH will gain the ability to exchange health data with its Rochester partners including Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital.

“These funds will provide us with the resources to work more effectively and more efficiently with our partners,” JMH CEO Eva Benedict told a local news source. “Not only will migrating to a common EMR with the UR Medicine and the other affiliates of UR Medicine be beneficial when recruiting specialists from UR, it will — most importantly — enhance the communication of patient medical information across the system and improve patient safety.”

The new Epic EHR will replace JMH’s former system. The hospital has been using a combination MEDITECH and LSS EHR system since 1999.

Physicians and hospital staff will now have the opportunity to use a single EHR system across five affiliate hospitals instead of navigating a different system at each location.

Health data sharing between hospitals will now be easier and more efficient than ever before.

The multi-year project is set to begin with a development plan designed by an IT work group comprised of members from all regional partners.

 “One of the most exciting aspects of the project to transform Jones Memorial to the EPIC system that is currently in use by UR Medicine and our regional affiliates, is that we will have partners with years of experience available if we have questions or need to trouble shoot,” said IT Director at Jones Memorial Alicia Johnson. “Because all of the affiliates will eventually be migrating to EPIC, there will be a safer and more streamlined approach to patient care, with patient records available to providers across the affiliation.”

The funding for the Epic implementation at JMH is part of a larger $1.5 billion commitment to assist healthcare providers across the state in improving, integrating, and developing infrastructure and health systems.

"We have a responsibility to continue to make critical capital and infrastructure improvements that transform our health care system into one of sustainability with a deep focus on improving patient care and delivery of vital services," said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a public statement. "This funding allows them to do just that and is yet another example of how New York is leading the nation in adapting to meet 21 century health care needs."

The grants were awarded through the Capital Restructuring Financial Program and Essential Health Care Provider Support Program—both developed by Governor Cuomo. The programs are designed to support the objectives of the Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP).

DSRIP aims to reduce healthcare costs, improve patient health outcomes in New York, and reduce avoidable hospital readmissions and emergency room visits by 25 percent by 2020.

Additionally, the program is designed to improve the financial stability of safety net healthcare providers.

"Restructuring New York's vast health care system will require extensive structural changes to our facilities as well as new approaches to the delivery of health care,” said New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, MD. “These funds will help us balance system wide reforms with the preservation of essential health care services during this time of change."




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