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Patient Engagement Underscored with Decision Making Tools

By Vera Gruessner

Healthcare providers remain dedicated to improving patient engagement throughout the medical field despite the fact that the latest proposed modifications to Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements have changed the percentage of patients required to download, view, and transmit their health information to just one patient. Nonetheless, the current proposed Stage 3 Meaningful Use requirement mandates providers have a total of 25 percent of their patients view and download their medical data via a portal.

The ongoing rulings toward patient engagement keeps the goal at the forefront of providers’ minds. The network PatientsLikeMe has recently taken part in boosting patient engagement by assisting Partners HealthCare in offering patients tools and data on clinical decision support with their medical providers, according to a company press release. These tools are expected to improve patient health outcomes as well.

PatientsLikeMe Executive Vice President of Marketing and Patient Advocacy Michael Evers stated that the website tools will be available through a patient portal, which is the first agreement that will provide this access.

“We’re excited to work with such an esteemed health system to help patients and their care teams have a more complete understanding of patients’ whole health experience, and to support shared decision making about next steps,”  Evers said in the press release.

Partners Population Health Management Associate Medical Director Adam Licurse also explained that the partnership between the two organizations will lead to patients becoming more aligned with their health and wellness as well as “better involving patients in their care.”

“We know that as patients become more engaged in their care, they have better care experiences, make more informed decisions based on their goals, and in some cases can actually receive higher value care at the end of the day,” Population Health Management Associate Medical Director Adam Licurse said in a public statement. “Peer mentorship, patient self-management, and patient education are all critical pieces to that puzzle. We believe PatientsLikeMe’s online patient community provides a meaningful solution to help meet these needs.”

Partners Patient Gateway is one online tool that provides an effective communication and messaging platform between doctors and patients as well as offers more medical condition information to consumers. Additionally, the partnership will bring about a “PatientsLikeMe 101” training series for both doctors, caregivers and patients to learn more about the offered tools and support network.

Also, there will be a multitude of projects developed by Partners HealthCare to better understand patient engagement, patient empowerment, satisfaction levels, and care coordination. Clinicians will learn how to use patient-generated information during a medical visit and determine how this data can be used to reveal patient health outcomes.

The multitude of technologies that can be used to engage patients with their health and wellness goes beyond patient portals, as mobile health applications and devices can also bring greater awareness of one’s medical care. Whether it’s through remote monitoring tools, fitness trackers, or the standard patient portal, healthcare providers are gaining more momentum in enhancing patient engagement across the nation.




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