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SHIN-NY HIE Successfully Implements Patient Record Lookup

SHIN-NY has expanded its health information exchange services through an integrated patient record lookup system, while other HIEs have expanded their memberships.

By Sara Heath

SHIN-NY, the Statewide Health Information Network for New York, has released its first-ever newsletter update, detailing its progress with the HIE’s patient record lookup projects.

According to Patrick Roohan, the author of the newsletter update, SHIN-NY is well underway with its operation of the statewide patient record lookup (sPRL). Through the sPRL, SHIN-NY members can access patient data from any region in the state of New York.

“This huge achievement took over five years of concerted effort by hundreds of stakeholders in dozens of workgroups,” Roohan wrote. “We not only had to build the infrastructure, but we also had to align on policy to keep patients’ records safe and secure.”

Through the sPRL, SHIN-NY now houses nearly 37 million patient records and conducts 2.4 million transactions per month.

SHIN-NY continues to provide its core services, including patient record lookup, clinical event notifications and alerts, secure direct messaging, and results delivery.

In total, the HIE has connected 91 percent of New York’s hospitals and 59,000 providers, conducting a considerable number of health data transactions between member providers. In March 2016 alone, SHIN-NY conducted 2.49 million transactions.

The HIE also stores 8.33 million consented patients’ data.

SHIN-NY is comprised of eight qualified entities (QEs), which manage individual participants based on geographic location. Operating on this segmented scale helps QEs implement strategies and policies that work with each region’s specific needs.

According to the newsletter, each individual QE is making its own strides. Hixny is running pilots testing the strength of its clinical event notifications, while Healthix is partnering with Oscar Health to update its care management program. The New York State Department of Health is running a clinical and claims integration pilot.

Other statewide health information exchanges are also boasting progress and expansion. According to a recent press release, Colorado’s HIE has added a new member organization.

CORHIO, in partnership with Health Images and Colorado Springs Imaging, has added twelve of its health imaging locations to the CORHIO repository, expanding the number of patient images accessible to providers. These are the first health imaging locations to join a Colorado HIE.

This addition of health imaging locations will allow HIE members to access patient documents, such as lab images or screenings, in their EHRs, seamlessly integrating care across different locations and providers.

According to Health Images executives, this collaboration will help the organization to expand its services to benefit more patients, and provide its existing patients with higher quality care.

"We are proud to be partnered with CORHIO and offer this HIE technology to the physicians across the Colorado area," said Shelley McLeod, VP of Operations for Health Images.

"We are continually looking at ways to offer an extension of our unmistakable quality and spectacular service. Patients will have the comfort of knowing that their accurate health information is shared among physicians which raises the bar for level of treatment. Ultimately patient care is priority for us all and we are excited to embark on this journey with CORHIO."

CORHIO’s CEO, Morgan Honea, stated that this addition to the HIE will ideally cut down on unnecessary or duplicated tests and procedures, ultimately lowering healthcare costs and boosting patient satisfaction.

"We are thrilled to have Health Images connected to the HIE," Honea said. "Several recent studies have shown that health information exchanges help reduce unnecessary, repetitive imaging tests. With Health Images' 12 locations connecting to the HIE, I expect that patients and health insurers will further benefit from our services through reduced costs, time savings and enhanced patient care."

Maine’s HIE, HealthInfoNet, also added several member practices to its already expansive repository. The new HIE participants include York Hospital, Northern Maine Medical Center, MaineHealth’s ambulatory sites, Northeast Occupational Exchange, Restorative Health, and United Cerebral Palsy of Maine.




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