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Sound Shore Medical Center, DoD work on EHR training

By Patrick Ouellette

Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) have collaborated to study EHR training best practices for nurses. Sound Shore Medical Center and the DoD focused on the best ways to engage nurses who don’t have great computer experience in how to use EHR.

This project aimed at weighing the effectiveness of the 16-hour traditional, instructor-led classroom EHR experience against a one that’s similar but instead switched out two hours of the instructor-led learning with a two-hour Web-based teaching module. The Sound Shore, a 252-bed, community based, teaching hospital located in New Rochelle, NY, study lasted two years and proved that the modules didn’t really impact the quality of training and EHR experiences after training ended.

“These results will help ensure high quality patient care and safety both within our Health System and beyond,” said John R. Spicer, President and CEO of Sound Shore Medical Center said on PRWeb.

But it did determine that nurses with the most educational and computer experience fared the best in training and needed the least amount of time to get comfortable with EHR. The article also points out that Web-based training for some users based on an initial screening for general computer proficiency could save money for organizations that are new to EHR or in a transition period. It would be interesting to learn about

“Studying the most effective means for educating nurses on the use of electronic health records has a benefit not only for the Sound Shore Health System, but potentially for all organizations involved in EHR training,” said Pam Dupuis, RN, senior vice president for patient services, in a news release on Nurse.com.

That the DoD understands the importance of both EHR training and training for nurses is a solid step in bridging the EHR knowledge gap. Nurses often end up using EHR just as much as physicians, so having a strong comprehension of the best methods of teaching them the technology should be an absolute must. Going forward, the government should continue to expand these efforts and understand how to train older or technology-inexperienced nurses so the transition to EHR isn’t rocky.

Sound Shore Medical Center could not be reached for comment.

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