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What Covered Entities Need to Know about OCR HIPAA Audit​s

OCR announced Phase 2 of its HIPAA audit program in 2016, which would focus on desk audits to review how healthcare organizations – and business associates – adhere to the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules. Healthcare... View webcast

Top 10 ASCs and Top 10 ASC Procedures

With the growing emphasis on outpatient care and cost reduction, ASCs can serve an important role by reducing hospital utilization and performing certain procedures more efficiently. The following list identifies the top 10 ASCs and billed HCPCS... Download white paper

Top 10 Hospitals with the Greatest Growth and Decline in Inpatient Discharges

Hospital discharges have declined for the past several years as new technology and medical practices allow outpatient care to be a cost-effective and practical treatment option. But factors like the aging population, growing prevalence of chronic... Download white paper

Hospitals with Lowest Heart Attack Episode Costs

CMS launched the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BCPI) Initiative in 2013 to test innovative payment models and find ways to lower costs for 48 distinct episodes of care. Under the program, hospitals and post-acute providers work together... Download white paper

Top 10 Best and Worst Performers in the Value-Based Purchasing Program

CMS’ Value-Based Purchasing program was launched in 2013 to create financial incentives and penalties encouraging hospitals to improve care, outcomes, and efficiency. Affecting nearly 3,000 hospitals, each facility is scored on multiple... Download white paper

Top 20 ICD-9 Diagnoses at LTACs

Long-term acute care hospitals (LTACs) are important players in the healthcare industry, treating patients with serious conditions for extended periods, even for several weeks at a time, and freeing up space in hospital ICUs. They are also a... Download white paper

Top 10 Hospitals by Charity Care Spending

Charity care is an important part of most hospitals’ operations.  While it represents a real financial loss, it promotes better community optics and for some hospitals, cements their status as non-profit facilities exempt from certain... Download white paper

Hospitals with Greatest Readmission Penalties

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Readmission Reduction Program establishes reimbursement penalties for hospitals with excessive preventable readmissions. Penalties can amount to up to a three percent reduction in a hospital’s... Download white paper

Top 10 IDNs by SNFs owned

Long-term care continues to be a growth area for the healthcare industry due to the aging population, with roughly 11 percent spending increases annually in most sectors between 2011 and 2015, according to a Genworth Financial analysis. Given... Download white paper

Top Hospitals with Highest/Lowest Medicare Spending per Beneficiary

The Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) measure is a metric CMS introduced in October 2015 as a way to measure a hospital’s overall cost efficiency for an episode of care. CMS defines an episode as the three days prior to an Inpatient... Download white paper

Top 20 Hospitals by Cesarean Section Volume

Cesarean sections are an important delivery option for mothers experiencing complicated births and have been growing more common over the past few decades. Because they are associated with greater costs and risks of complications for both mothers... Download white paper

What Makes a Healthcare Consulting Firm Worth the Investment

When you’re tackling the healthcare industry’s biggest challenges, an experienced consulting firm can help your team succeed. But with so many options, how do you know which firm is the best for your organization? Read through our... Download white paper

Physician Advisor Programs: A Pillar of Thriving Providing Organizations

Today, hospitals face growing pressure from government and commercial payers to manage their utilization of services and provide justification for clinical decision-making in line with evidence-based practices.  Physician advisor programs... Download white paper

How to Implement NIST CSF: A 4-Step Journey to Cybersecurity Maturity

NIST CSF can help CISOs understand their organization’s capabilities across the cybersecurity lifecycle. The process is a journey that involves making improvements over time. Rsam recommends breaking down NIST CSF implementation into four... Download white paper

Ransomware Attacks Growing in the Healthcare Industry

Despite billions of dollars and operational continuity at risk, the healthcare industry is stymied by both a lack of answers and resources required to adequately defend itself. Per a May 2016 study from Ponemon Institute, nearly 90% of healthcare... Download white paper

3 Ways to Enhance Workflows for Physicians With an Enterprise Healthcare Communications Platform

Studies have shown that smartphone usage can improve care team efficiency. However, simply adding a new end user device isn’t enough for today’s modern hospitals with increasingly mobile and diverse care teams. In order to solve multiple... Download white paper

4 Ways Healtchare Payers Can Improve Operational Excellence

Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing healthcare payer data can improve operations by increasing employee productivity and lowering costs. Read this whitepaper to learn how leading healthcare payers are using data to find efficiencies in claims... Download white paper

Getting Ahead With Telehealth: How to Launch and Maintain a Successful Platform

With recent surveys indicating more than three-quarters of all hospitals and health systems having some sort of telehealth program in pilot stages or in place, the time is right for administrators to take a closer look at the platform. How can... View webcast

Securing Digital Healthcare Communities — Addressing 10 Common Security Challenges

In this paper, we identify 10 threat vectors common to all healthcare organizations along with a number of suggestions on how to mitigate these security challenges. Download white paper

Security in Healthcare: Bolstering Connectivity and Protecting Patients

As connected services become more commonplace in healthcare, more opportunities exist for bad actors to exploit weaknesses in the industry’s security defenses. There is certainly evidence that attackers have focused their attention on healthcare.... Download white paper

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