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Maximize the Value of Epic Data: Self-Service Analytics - More Action, Less Expense

Hundreds of millions of patients have an electronic health record (EHR) in software developed by Epic Systems Corporation, making it the dominant vendor. Its full suite of products—covering operational and clinical activities— generates... Download white paper

Must-Have EHR Features

Does your EHR have features that improve your productivity and patient care quality? Download this white paper to determine if you’re getting the most out of your current EHR. Download white paper

EHR Software: A Vital Component to Any Modern Medical Practice

EHR software is vital to the success of any modern-day medical practice. Without it, practices will have trouble achieving compliance with MACRA, properly engaging their patients, and staying competitive in their industry.  Luckily, our... Download white paper

LEAN and Visibility Systems in Healthcare IT

Visibility is a key factor when it comes to adopting Lean IT systems in healthcare. Download this webcast and viewers will learn about the concepts and tools of lean IT, including: Customer-based value Organizational alignment in vision and purpose... View webcast

The Holistic Patient Health Record: Image Enabling the EHR

Sponsored by: Ambra Health Electronic health records (EHRs) can provide the full medical history of an individual from lab reports, to blood tests, to past surgeries, and much more. Not only are EHRs a convenient source of information, but also... Download white paper

5 EMR Migration Secrets All Department Leaders Must Know

Drastically speed up your implementation time with a platform with allows organizations to automate many of the manual tasks that go along with system migration or operational workflow. Download this webcast and viewers will learn about a system... View webcast

Eliminate the Migration Chaos: Five Myths to Avoid in your EHR Migration

If you are migrating to a new EHR or are considering a migration, there are five myths that are not going to simply cause the migration to cost more and take longer than was budgeted - they will cause chaos throughout your organization. This... Download white paper

EHR Migration Guide - Ensuring Patient Safety, Satisfaction and Clinical Adoption

There are a variety of factors that drive healthcare organizations to either replace or upgrade existing applications. This white paper examines the basic considerations and challenges encountered when migrating and making data available in a... Download white paper

Three Steps to a Successful Migration

There are a variety of factors that drive healthcare organizations to either replace or upgrade existing applications. This white paper examines the basic considerations and challenges encountered in migrating data and offers solutions to ensure... Download white paper

Best Practices for Building an IT Infrastructure to Support Digital Transformation

Patients receive care at numerous locations from myriad providers, yet their digital health information is unable to move easily alongside them as a result of limitations in connectivity and the ability to share information securely between providers.... Download white paper

Thriving as an Independent Practice: The 5 Keys to Success

In a recent Epocrates survey, 58% of doctors said they prefer independent practice to employment, and indications suggest the outlook for independent providers may be improving. And According to data from the athenaHealth network, independent... Download white paper

Going Mobile: Integrating Mobile to Enhance Patient Care and Practice Efficiency

Mobile devices are becoming as ubiquitous in the health care setting as they are in the rest of our lives, and mobile health promises to enhance care and improve efficiency. However, health care leaders need a thoughtful approach to integrate... Download white paper

Impact of Using Flash in Your EHR Environment: A Customer Discussion

With healthcare professionals requiring the flexibility to access data from anywhere, healthcare facilities have been moving to virtualized desktops. This migration has led to many questions and concerns around security threats, HIPAA compliance... View webcast