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EHR replacement: Addressing data ownership and migration

by Jennifer Bresnick

In many cases, an EHR replacement ends up being even more complicated than an initial implementation.  Clinicians now have a laundry list of complaints about the first system and may be vocal in demanding specific changes that a new EHR...

Five ways to avoid repeating mistakes during EHR replacement

by Jennifer Bresnick

Replacing an EHR that has failed to work well for a provider can be a tough and expensive decision.  Is it worth going through all the hassle of a new implementation just to change a few aspects of your clinical workflow?  Not if you’re just...

Most ambulatory docs able to exchange prescription, lab data

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

A majority of office-based physicians can view lab results and send medication data electronically, according to a new study by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). Additionally, one-third of ambulatory...

Virtualization, speech recognition to grow aggressively

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Healthcare organizations and providers will be looking to virtualization solutions and natural language processing (NLP) applications and drive accelerated growth in these areas, according to HIMSS Analytics. The research wing of the Healthcare...

Practice Fusion promises readiness for Stage 2 Meaningful Use

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Concerns about vendor readiness have prompted a number of healthcare organizations and associations as well as members of Congress to call for delays or extensions in Stage 2 Meaningful Use. Most recently, these concerns were voiced by a group...

What can pain management teach providers about EHR adoption?

by bob@xtelligentmedia.com

How does the specialized care of pain management relate to the interaction of those in the clinic and the EHR vendor? The answer is when the EHR is not viewed in the context of the community of care by the stakeholders in the clinic but just...

Why EMR implementation as just an IT project seldom succeeds

by Sponsored Content

I have worked with dozens of hospitals to plan, implement, and optimize their EMR, so I’ve learned a great deal about what creates a successful implementation. I’ve also worked to remediate problems for hospitals that have experienced...

Physician series: EHR vendor went bankrupt right after paying

by Jennifer Bresnick

As far as EHR adoption horror stories go, Dr. Andrew Bronstein, an orthopedic surgeon at The Bronstein Hand Center in Las Vegas, NV, has a whopper.  Days after paying his first EHR vendor a significant sum to implement a system for his office,...

Evaluating EHR trouble spots can help boost performance

by Jennifer Bresnick

Taking a good hard look at where your EHR underperforms – and where your staff is falling short on knowledge and experience with the software – can help resolve some basic user complaints, says a new issue brief by Stoltenberg Consulting. ...

Is ad-supported software the solution to EHR replacement woes?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Stage 2 of meaningful use is right around the corner, and thousands of physicians are fed up with their EHR software as they progress into the age of health information exchange, data analytics, and patient engagement.  Many providers are actively...

EHR contract guide will help docs keep data after replacement

by Jennifer Bresnick

A new EHR contract negotiation guide will help providers avoid some of the lesser known pitfalls of EHR implementation, the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) says.  With more and more providers replacing their EHRs – and a surprising...

Minnesota mandates certified EHRs for all dentists by 2015

by Jennifer Bresnick

Here’s something for dentists to chew over: dental practitioners in Minnesota will be required by law to adopt a certified, interoperable EHR system by 2015, just like their medical counterparts.  Minnesota is the first state to add dentists,...

Black Book: 81% of practices committed to EHR replacement

by Jennifer Bresnick

Unhappy physicians often daydream about being able to throw their cumbersome EHRs out the window, and plenty of providers are making that dream a reality, according to a new Black Book poll.  Following up the recent survey that declared 2013...

Black Book poll: Providers demand usability in EHR replacement

by Jennifer Bresnick

“EHR backlash” is more than a popular hashtag on Twitter, and EHR usability still has a long, long way to go, according to a new poll of nearly 2900 providers conducted by Black Book Market Research.  Frustrations with “clunky”...

Small practices, good planners more satisfied with EHR adoption

by Jennifer Bresnick

Smaller practices and those who planned ahead financially for the impact of EHR adoption were more likely to be satisfied with their EHR implementation, according to a new survey of more than 500 members of the American Society of Ophthalmic...

What Vitera’s acquisition of SuccessEHS means to providers

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

In light of the proliferation of EHR vendors and services caused by the influx of billions of dollars in incentives made available through the EHR Incentive Programs, many have speculated that it was only a matter of time before the market regained...

What meaningful use can contribute to the patient experience

by bob@xtelligentmedia.com

If we continue to limit the purpose and definition of the patient experience within the confines of a problem, then the ability to realize the benefit of meaningful use and improved outcomes will remain elusive. Among stakeholders in conversation...

How EHR adoption, implementation affects project analysts

by Sponsored Content

“Begin with the end in mind” is a familiar quote often referenced whether building a dream vacation home, a lush garden landscape, or applied to an IT project. By definition, a “project” has a beginning and an end. However,...

Does physician EHR use depend on perceptions of uncertainty?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Perceptions of uncertainty play a key role in determining how extensively a physician uses an EHR system and relies on the information contained in the electronic record, according to a paper recently published in the Journal of the American...

Practices look to health IT to minimize declines in profits

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

A decline in reimbursements has a majority of physician practices preparing for a downward trend in profitability, according to research published by Power Your Practice. “The greatest challenges stem from the gap between changes underway at...



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