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Meeting Meaningful Use Requirements for Transitions of Care

January 26, 2015 - The challenge of meeting Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements centers on eligible professionals and hospitals having to exchange health information with others, such as other providers and patients. Being able to send patient health information electronically requires that both the sender and the recipient have the tools necessary for supporting this exchange. Considering the difficulties many...

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Accountable Care, Patient Portals Lag Behind Expectations

by Jennifer Bresnick

The slow uptake of accountable care reimbursement structures and the low implementation rates of advanced patient portals are among some of the top issues in healthcare over the past year, according to HIMSS Analytics, and present both challenges...

Telemedicine, Remote Care Projects Expand into School Districts

by Jennifer Bresnick

Telemedicine is moving into school districts as a way to provide care for low-level complaints without expensive and time-consuming disruptions for children. Schoolchildren and educational staff are gaining the ability to visit with their healthcare...

USDA Grant Adds 21 Rural Clinics to Telehealth Network

by Stephanie Reardon

$213,564 grant awarded to expand telemedicine services. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Utilities Services Distance Learning and Telemedicine program is contributing to the expansion of telemedicine services by awarding...

Telehealth Visits Are 83% Effective, Less Than Half as Costly

by Jennifer Bresnick

Replacing in-office consults, urgent care use, or emergency room visits with telehealth consults for common acute conditions can save more than 50% of typical costs, says a study presented by the Alliance for Connected Care.  Issues such...

CMS Offers Expanded Telehealth Coverage for Providers

by Jennifer Bresnick

New telehealth services will be included in the Medicare reimbursement plan starting on January 1, 2015. Providers will be able to receive Medicare reimbursement for a new group of services under the telehealth benefit at the beginning of 2015,...

HIMSS asks for more telehealth, fewer health IT disruptions

by Jennifer Bresnick

In a series of suggestions to Congress, HIMSS is urging lawmakers to pay closer attention to three major areas of concern in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry: the expansion of novel technologies such as telehealth and remote monitoring,...

FSMB announces finalized telehealth licensure model compact

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) has finalized its model guidelines for telehealth licensure in an effort to reduce some of the most intractable legal barriers preventing physicians from engaging in telemedicine and remote care with...

North America may see 75 million telehealth visits in 2014

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patients and providers in North America may conduct up to 75 million telehealth visits in 2014, a Deloitte report predicts, representing an increase of 400% over 2012 levels.  With 100 million electronic visits (eVisits) taking place worldwide...

Understanding the patient landscape is key to mHealth adoption

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations need to have a thorough grasp of the patient and regulatory landscapes in order to encourage effective and engaging mHealth adoption, according to a report by Deloitte.  When considering integrating mobile health...

State medical boards adopt updated telemedicine guidelines

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) has agreed to adopt updated guidelines on the practice and use of telemedicine, a significant step forward towards expanding the reach and legitimacy of remote care.  The document providers a...

Telehealth roundup: Chronic disease management takes the stage

by Jennifer Bresnick

Telehealth is taking a turn towards the enormous task of monitoring millions of patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension through a number of programs dedicated to helping providers keep tabs on patients while they...

VA gets $567 million for telehealth services in 2015 budget

by Jennifer Bresnick

Already deeply involved in bringing remote mental and physical healthcare to veterans across the country, the Department of Veterans Affairs received a $23 million boost for its telehealth programs in the FY 2015 federal budget, bringing the...

Ohio passes Medicaid telehealth coverage law

by Jennifer Bresnick

If Ohio Governor John Kasich signs a unanimously agreed-upon bill, Medicaid providers in Ohio will able to participate in telehealth services and be assured of reimbursement. The law will add Ohio to the list of 45 states that allow for Medicaid...

Senators applaud medical boards for advancing telehealth

by Jennifer Bresnick

Senators John Thune (R-SD) and Mike Enzi (R-WY) are among a bipartisan group of 14 lawmakers who have signed a letter praising the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) for their efforts to break down silos that prevent the widespread licensing...

Apple, Google Try to Make mHealth Very Personal

by Jennifer Bresnick

Nanotechnology has been sparking medical imaginations for decades.  Visions of tricorders and smart cancer destroyers small enough to swallow may not be a reality just yet, but if big innovators and bigger investors like Google and Apple...

Senator wants rural health, telehealth included in SGR repeal

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Despite the progress made yesterday toward repealing the sustainable growth rate (SGR) and making changes to Medicare payments physicians, one member of Congress believes the measure are not doing enough for rural healthcare providers and patients....

Telehealth gets Congressional attention with letter, new bill

by Jennifer Bresnick

Telehealth is taking the stage in both the House and the Senate this month with a new bill intended to expand military access to remote care and a letter from a series of leading telemedicine groups urging congress to embrace remote monitoring...

Parents want email chat with docs, but don’t want to pay

by Jennifer Bresnick

For busy parents, taking a child to the pediatrician for a minor cough or a rash can mean losing wages when taking time off work or just losing time to accomplish a hundred different things on their plate.  Wouldn’t it be easier just...

Army Upgrades EHR System; VA Hopes to Add More Telehealth

by Jennifer Bresnick

The US Army’s Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (M4) is undergoing pre-deployment testing as the military EHR moves into the final stages of a major upgrade, according to The Gateway.  The improvements include functionality...



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