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New Jersey Healthcare Providers Suffer EHR Security Breaches

May 15, 2017 - The Diamond Institute for Infertility and Menopause in New Jersey recently suffered a data breach threatening the security of patient EHRs. While EHRs have made patient information more accessible than ever, the rapid digitization of the healthcare industry opens the door for potential unauthorized access or abuse. On Feb. 27, 2017, the New Jersey healthcare organization...

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Tips for Reversing Physician Burnout Caused by EHR Use

by Sheri Stoltenberg

Commemorating National Health IT Week, President Obama shared that 97 percent of hospitals and 75 percent of physicians across the United States are using EHRs. With the vast majority of hospital and physician EHR implementations already...

Docs Adapt Better to EHR Workflow Changes with Active Education

by Jennifer Bresnick

Still struggling to get physicians on board with new EHR workflow changes?  A new study in the American Journal of Managed Care suggests that active involvement in continuing medical education (CME), workshops, evaluations, and feedback...

AMA Urges EHR Design Overhauls, Releases Usability Framework

by Jennifer Bresnick

After a RAND report labeled EHRs as a primary source of stress for physicians, the American Medical Association (AMA) is repeating its calls for the healthcare industry to take a long, hard look at the way EHRs are designed, urging vendors...

Does EHR design limit the critical thinking of physicians?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

This week will include a fair share of praise for health information technology and its benefits for supporting efficient and effective care, but it comes on the heels of some harsh criticism by one California pediatrician who is arguing...

EHRs are “a source of stress” for physicians, AMA says

by Jennifer Bresnick

Physicians who feel like they can’t deliver quality care to patients have low levels of job satisfaction, and EHRs are the biggest obstacle to providing the best possible services, argues the American Medical Association (AMA) and the...

EHRs cause physicians to lose 48 minutes per day, survey says

by Jennifer Bresnick

As a physician, free time is a scarce enough commodity without having to factor in convoluted EHR workflows and frozen computers, but a large number of providers surveyed by the American College of Physicians (ACP) are still reporting...

Epic EHR outages in force Bay Area docs on to paper records

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Providers at two John Muir Health campuses in northern California were forced to paper records as a result of intermittent outages of their Epic EHR system on Monday, according to the Contra Costa Times. Joyce Tsai reports that the health...

Lack of clinical buy-in doomed GA hospital’s EHR rollout

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Details about the EHR implementation that forced two senior staff to resign from Athens Regional Medical Center (ARMC) have emerged with a lack of coordination and communication named as the chief cause according to Athens...

Why do so many hospital EHR implementations continue to fail?

by Jennifer Bresnick

After five years of EHR adoption spurred on by the carrot-and-stick of meaningful use, one would think that the healthcare system has a solid foundation of best practices to fall back upon when implementing an EHR.  The vast majority of...

Court dings CA county for mishandled EHR implementation

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Ventura County Grand Jury has identified a lack of resources, proper training, and investment as the major culprits in a rocky EHR rollout at the county-run healthcare system, according to an official report.  The implementation of...

Is EHR dissatisfaction driving future investments in HIT?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Capital investments in health information technology and telecommunications continue to account for the largest portion of health system expenditures and are expected to remain sizeable through 2017, according to a survey of C-suite...

OIG confirms EHR wait time wrongdoing in VA system

by Jennifer Bresnick

An interim report from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), prompted by allegations of VA misconduct and spurred by a stormy Congressional hearing, has confirmed widespread wrongdoing within the Veterans Affairs health system....

GA CEO forced out over botched Cerner EHR implementation

by Jennifer Bresnick

Athens Regional Medical Center (ARMC) CEO James Thaw is updating his resume after being forced to resign by a phalanx of unhappy physicians frustrated by a poorly handled EHR rollout.  After complaining that the Cerner system adopted by...

VA Secretary Shinseki subpoenaed in EHR wait list scandal

by Jennifer Bresnick

Veterans Affairs Secretary Erik Shinseki has been subpoenaed by Congress after CNN uncovered allegations of wrongdoing at the Phoenix VA facility late last month.  Internal emails from the hospital seemed to show that staff members...

Where does finance fit into EHR adoption, meaningful use?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

One-third of the triple aim focuses on reducing the cost of healthcare, and the adoption of EHR and health IT systems has a major role to play in achieving that and the other two-thirds of aims by providing an infrastructure for quality...

Is your organization ready for the EHR replacement process?

by Jerri Cowper of Innovative Consulting Group

The decision to change electronic health record (EHR) vendors is not an easy one. Any organization faces difficult questions. Are our EHR team and end users able to take on yet another change? Are we ready to go through the vendor...

Is it time to “damn the mandates” and forget meaningful use?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Even as the healthcare industry marches dutifully into Stage 2 of Meaningful Use, there are still plenty of physicians that have not yet accepted the requirements put forth by CMS in the EHR Incentive Programs.  Dr.  Daniel F. Craviotto...

Five ways to avoid repeating mistakes during EHR replacement

by Jennifer Bresnick

Replacing an EHR that has failed to work well for a provider can be a tough and expensive decision.  Is it worth going through all the hassle of a new implementation just to change a few aspects of your clinical workflow?  Not if...

Wake Forest climbs out of Epic hole after EHR adoption

by Jennifer Bresnick

Things are looking up for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina after a difficult year in 2013.  Slammed by unexpected costs and huge losses stemming from the implementation of an Epic EHR system, the...



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