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Challenges of EHR Cloud-Based Solutions for Rural Providers

August 5, 2015 - Urgent care provider ClearChoiceMD (CCMD) spans northern New England, operating clinics in rural areas whose EHR technology and other systems rely on multiple forms of connectivity to access clinical data centrally housed in New Hampshire. By leveraging an array of connectivity options, CCMD has begun aggressively expanding its operations throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine and along...

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Senators Request GAO Assist ONC in Improving Patient Matching

by Kate Monica

Five senators requested the Government Accountability Office (GAO) consider several key issues during an upcoming planned study on patient EHR matching and devise clear recommendations ONC should take to improve patient matching methods. US Senators...

Study Aims to Aid Patient EHR Documentation Understanding

by Kate Monica

Providers are looking for a way to accurately assess how well patients generally comprehend the technical language used in EHR documentation in order to gauge patient comprehension of health conditions. A recent study by Zheng et al. sought to...

Using EHR Research to Identify EHR Optimization Activities

by Kate Monica

Realizing the benefits of advanced EHR use could prove to be a rockier process than many healthcare providers expected. As a result, EHR optimization should be a top prerogative for healthcare organizations and providers heading into...

Study Raises Doubts about Clinical Documentation Accuracy

by Kate Monica

Researchers at the University of Michigan sought to investigate whether patient-reported eye symptoms were recorded as part of clinical documentation in EHR systems. As part of a study published in JAMA Ophthalmology, Valikodath et al. compared...

EHR Improvements Needed to Improve Physician Productivity

by Sara Heath

Physicians want to see more EHR system improvements to boost productivity and practice costs, according to the Deloitte 2016 Survey of Physicians. The survey of 600 primary care physicians shows that providers still largely view EHRs in a negative...

How Strong EHR Contracts Can Improve EHR Replacement Projects

by Sara Heath

When healthcare organizations find that their EHR systems no longer support their needs, they typically begin an EHR replacement project. According to the recently released ONC Health IT Playbook, robust contract negotiations may lead to more...

Top 3 EHR Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry, Providers

by Sara Heath

When the HITECH Act first came into play, it was meant to spur widespread EHR adoption to help the healthcare industry achieve the Triple Aim. But with every improvement, there have also been EHR challenges for providers to mitigate. Many healthcare...

92% of Nurses Dissatisfied with EHR Technology, Health IT

by Sara Heath

Although EHR technology has improved patient safety and team-based healthcare, nurses still report negative opinions of the tools, according to a recent survey from the Adventist University of Health Sciences. The survey questioned nurses about...

Nearly All Hospitals Have Contingency Plans for EHR Downtime

by Sara Heath

With 59 percent of hospitals experiencing EHR downtime in the past year, the importance of EHR contingency plans comes to the forefront. In a recent report from the Office of the Inspector General, experts explain the need for EHR contingency...

EHR Adoption Growing Despite Industry Challenges, ONC Reports

by Sara Heath

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is making considerable progress in fostering ubiquitous adoption of EHRs and health IT, as well as promoting interoperability and health information exchange between those systems. The agency...



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