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What activities need to come after an EHR implementation?

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Do you long for the day when all of your hard work is put into use, the long awaited go-live is over and your workload will finally slow down? If you have never been through the full lifecycle of an implementation, you may not realize that...

AHIMA 2013: C-suite involvement in the EHR adoption process

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

ATLANTA — A successful EHR implementation requires buy-in from all levels of the healthcare organization. While the clinical environment represents the most crucial component for ensuring that the EHR system is fully adopted and properly...

Preparations fundamental to a successful EMR implementation

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In today’s rapid EMR deployment environment, one critical success factor is a smooth go-live. In the rush to install a system quickly, don’t overlook the very critical go-live planning phase. There is much to consider in creating an...

Are physician coaches the answer to EHR adoption challenges?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

EHR adoption is an ongoing process. As a process, it requires healthcare organizations and providers to resolves obstacles in the way of enhancing or refining their EHR systems. No obstacle is perhaps greater than the ability to get...

Why EMR implementation as just an IT project seldom succeeds

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I have worked with dozens of hospitals to plan, implement, and optimize their EMR, so I’ve learned a great deal about what creates a successful implementation. I’ve also worked to remediate problems for hospitals that have...

Three ways EHR adoption can improve the patient experience

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There are many key players integral to the patient experience. One specific triad of relationships that significantly affects the patient experience is the relationship between labs, practices, and electronic health records (EHRs). While...

Avoiding EHR backlash with tips from healthcare CIOs

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

For those opposed to EHR adoption and meaningful use in particular, EHR backlash stories and hashtags must give them a sort of pleasure akin to schadenfreude, further fueling their belief that their opposition is justified. However, a...

Order sets: How to stay current with systematic reviews

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Order sets are a critical component to clinical care and that importance is reflected in the increasing requirements for computerized physician order entry (CPOE) during the next stages of the EHR Incentive Programs beginning with Stage 2...

ECRI: Ten steps to cutting EHR implementation risks

by Jennifer Bresnick

Switching from paper to an EHR is a process fraught with difficulties and pitfalls.  From data security to physician pushback, workflow changes and patient safety, EHR implementation has wide-reaching affects on nearly every area of a...

How EHR adoption, implementation affects project analysts

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“Begin with the end in mind” is a familiar quote often referenced whether building a dream vacation home, a lush garden landscape, or applied to an IT project. By definition, a “project” has a beginning and an end....

How consultants add value to your EHR adoption, project team

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The decision of whether to bring in consultants to assist your organization with your electronic health record (EHR) implementation can be a challenging one. You ask yourself several questions. Is it more expensive to contract experienced...

Balancing EHR needs of the hospital, its physicians: Q&A

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

How do health IT leaders and staff partner with physicians to support EHR adoption by changing culture and providing value? The answer to that question will be explored by a panel of health IT CIOs and directors during an afternoon session...

EHR-based order sets: 7 methods for successful development

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Hospitals are keenly aware of the benefits of implementing order sets in the treatment of many conditions and diseases. Order sets apply clinical decision support (CDS) at the point of care and either focus on a specific condition (e.g.,...

EHR implementation preparation and planning: CIO series

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Few if any EHR implementations go off without a hitch. The case is much likelier that a healthcare organization or provider hits a snag. At Truman Medical Centers (TMC), the challenge of implementing a system-wide EHR system involved...

EHR system selection: Process, pitfalls of choosing a system

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A practice’s transition from paper to electronic health records (EHRs) is very challenging. It involves some basic steps as well as some common pitfalls. NJ-HITEC is the federally designated regional extension center (REC) for the...

Avoid these Common Planning Errors During EHR Implementation

by Jennifer Bresnick

Choosing and installing an electronic health record (EHR) system is a major initiative for any healthcare organization, from a single-clinician practice to a large community hospital.  It’s critical to handle patient data in a...

Long-term EHR projects and the short-term healthcare mindset

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Git-R-Done!  Although it’s the signature catch phrase bellowed out by Larry the Cable Guy, it is also an expression I’ve observed regularly associated with project management in healthcare.  While healthcare is an industry based on...

EHR training ensures implementation success

by [email protected]

I discussed importance of assessing a physician’s office staff regarding their comfort level and experience with technology as part of EHR implementation in a previous blog post. In doing so, I addressed how to dispel the fears of...

Governance: A critical path to achieving meaningful use success

by [email protected]

Leading a meaningful use (MU) compliance initiative to its successful conclusion requires a dedicated focus on three foundational work streams: incentive program compliance, organization performance, and electronic health record (EHR)...

Keys to a successful EHR implementation

by [email protected]

The ultimate goal for any physician office electronic health record (EHR) system implementation is success! Given the financial and resource investment, no one enters into the project wanting to fail. It is crucial to keep in mind the...



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