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3 EHR Vendors Release Million Hearts EHR Optimization Guides

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Allscripts, Cerner, and NextGen EHR users now have access to EHR optimization guides for reporting clinical quality measures related to Million Hearts, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) national initiative to prevent...

Best Practices for Approaching EHR Optimization Projects

by Sara Heath

EHR optimization projects are set to be an industry focus in light of the increased adoption of health IT. This focus is perhaps a natural transition, as providers are realizing that just because a healthcare organization adopts an EHR...

Will EHR Optimization Projects Take Center Stage in 2016?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Now that it's December, healthcare organizations and providers are able to reflect on a rather busy year. Coming into 2015, many had concerns about meaningful use requirements such as a full-year reporting period for Stage 2. However,...

Centura Health Receives HIMSS Davies Award for Health IT

by Sara Heath

For its achievements in implementing health IT, Centura Health the most recent recipient of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2015 Enterprise Davies Award. According to a HIMSS press release, Centura Health...

EHR Optimization Projects a Top Priority for Healthcare CIOs

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Healthcare CIOs consider EHR optimization a top priority over the next 12 months as they look to get more value out their EHR investments, according to a recent Impact Advisors survey. The health IT consultancy's findings comprise...

A Successful EHR Implementation Is About More Than Go-Live

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Go-live tends to garner the most attention for an EHR implementation, especially in the event that it does not go well. But many more activities go into a successful EHR implementation that precede and post-date the production...

Can True EHR Customization Help Physician Practices Survive?

by Shameem Hameed of ZH Healthcare

In the rapidly-evolving EHR market, one size definitely does not fit all and true EHR customization can make all the difference. It is a commonly-held belief that the healthcare system in the United States is in need of more than a fairly...

How Innovative EHR Use Supports Care Quality Improvements

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Care quality improvements through innovative EHR use are front and center at University of Missouri (MU) Health Care. Over the past few years, the organization has climbed the rankings awarded by the University HealthSystem Consortium...

DoD EHR Selection, Interoperability with VA in Omnibus Bill

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Omnibus bill places requirements on the DoD and VA concerning their EHR selection, optimization, and interoperability projects. As part of the Omnibus Appropriations bill, the federal government has set goals for the Departments of Defense...

Are Additional EHR Implementation Resources Worth the Price?

by Matt Kantz

Tell me if you have heard this story before. A mid-sized physician practice that was embarking on replacing its EHR technology tells me that the new vendor is going to provide it with the best and most experienced talent in the company to...

Physicians Spend Less When EHRs Default to Generic Drugs

by Jennifer Bresnick

Physicians choose cheaper drugs when e-prescribing through EHRs that make generics the default choice. Physicians are more likely to prescribe cheaper generic drugs when their EHRs are set to choose the less expensive option by default,...

Physician Perspectives on EHR Optimization Strategies

by Jerri Cowper of Innovative Consulting Group

I recently shared my thoughts on the physician perspective of EHR optimization strategies and physician EHR use. Now I have decided to expand the conversation by getting the take of two individuals, both within large health systems: Philip...

Achieving EHR Optimization alongside Meaningful Use of HIT

by Debbie Martin of CTG Health Solutions

Health information technology (HIT) is essential to achieve financial success in today’s environment of regulatory reporting and federal and state requirements. Less realized ― but equally important ― is its potential value to...

Taking the physician perspective on EHR-HIT optimization

by Jerri Cowper of Innovative Consulting Group

With all of the current government initiatives and mandates, physicians have been left in the dust to try to figure out how to meet the requirements set out by the government, their practices, or their health systems — and still have...

How EHRs can stop information overload, streamline workflow

by Sponsored Content

In a sea full of patient information, quality statistics, and other data, hospitals are struggling to navigate their way to success. Data inflow has grown exponentially in the past decade or so as a result of an increasing emphasis on care...

What makes EHR implementation and adoption different?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Healthcare professionals often describe their organization’s approach to employing EHR technology as a journey. This description bears witness to the fact that using EHR and health systems and services to support clinical workflows...

How providers transform EHR implementation into EHR adoption

by Sponsored Content

Are EHRs delivering on their promise? For years, the healthcare community and patients alike have heard the promise of electronic health records. Vendors, the media, politicians, policy makers and countless others have preached that EHRs...

What keeps the lights on during health IT adoption, support?

by Sponsored Content

“Lights on” — many of us in the healthcare industry have heard this expression over and over. With all the new software upgrades and overhauls that healthcare organizations go through, this has become an integral part of...

Federally funded health centers improving via EHR adoption

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

New research published in the Journal for Healthcare Quality has found that federally funded health centers are outpacing ambulatory care providers in their adoption of EHR systems and more advanced EHR functionalities despite differences...

How standardization can put EHR adopters on the right path

by Sponsored Content

Recent healthcare industry news reports that one of the nation’s largest cancer centers has chosen an EMR software vendor. For an organization of this size and complexity, their EMR implementation will be daunting and determining what...



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