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Physicians Spend Less When EHRs Default to Generic Drugs

by Jennifer Bresnick

Physicians choose cheaper drugs when e-prescribing through EHRs that make generics the default choice. Physicians are more likely to prescribe cheaper generic drugs when their EHRs are set to choose the less expensive option by default,...

Physician Perspectives on EHR Optimization Strategies

by Jerri Cowper of Innovative Consulting Group

I recently shared my thoughts on the physician perspective of EHR optimization strategies and physician EHR use. Now I have decided to expand the conversation by getting the take of two individuals, both within large health systems: Philip...

Achieving EHR Optimization alongside Meaningful Use of HIT

by Debbie Martin of CTG Health Solutions

Health information technology (HIT) is essential to achieve financial success in today’s environment of regulatory reporting and federal and state requirements. Less realized ― but equally important ― is its potential value to...

Taking the physician perspective on EHR-HIT optimization

by Jerri Cowper of Innovative Consulting Group

With all of the current government initiatives and mandates, physicians have been left in the dust to try to figure out how to meet the requirements set out by the government, their practices, or their health systems — and still have...

How EHRs can stop information overload, streamline workflow

by Sponsored Content

In a sea full of patient information, quality statistics, and other data, hospitals are struggling to navigate their way to success. Data inflow has grown exponentially in the past decade or so as a result of an increasing emphasis on care...

What makes EHR implementation and adoption different?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Healthcare professionals often describe their organization’s approach to employing EHR technology as a journey. This description bears witness to the fact that using EHR and health systems and services to support clinical workflows...

How providers transform EHR implementation into EHR adoption

by Sponsored Content

Are EHRs delivering on their promise? For years, the healthcare community and patients alike have heard the promise of electronic health records. Vendors, the media, politicians, policy makers and countless others have preached that EHRs...

What keeps the lights on during health IT adoption, support?

by Sponsored Content

“Lights on” — many of us in the healthcare industry have heard this expression over and over. With all the new software upgrades and overhauls that healthcare organizations go through, this has become an integral part of...

Federally funded health centers improving via EHR adoption

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

New research published in the Journal for Healthcare Quality has found that federally funded health centers are outpacing ambulatory care providers in their adoption of EHR systems and more advanced EHR functionalities despite differences...

How standardization can put EHR adopters on the right path

by Sponsored Content

Recent healthcare industry news reports that one of the nation’s largest cancer centers has chosen an EMR software vendor. For an organization of this size and complexity, their EMR implementation will be daunting and determining what...

What makes an Epic EHR adoption, optimization successful?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Although Epic EHR adoption differs from others in its cost and scope, its adopters face the same challenge of their fellow EHR users — optimization. The journey to becoming a HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 with plans for reaching Stage 7...

Identifying, resolving 3 common gotchas of EHR go-lives

by Sponsored Content

Go-live is always an exciting time for hospitals and IT staff. After months of hard work, you finally feel all the work you did will see the light of day and benefit your end-users. It’s also exciting to see all the pieces come...

EHR nightmares: Why treating EHRs like paper records fails

by Sponsored Content

Through our experiences working side-by-side with providers, we have seen many things and learned many lessons. Here are a couple more stories and lessons we encountered along the way. Let us help you ensure that you can avoid these...

EHR nightmares: When EHR adoption, implementation run awry

by Sponsored Content

Editor’s note: The following is a two-part piece on EHR implementation and adoption pitfalls and advice for avoiding them. Read part two here. EHR system development, implementation, and adoption in the US has been a struggle, to...

What is different about health IT when talking usability?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Health information technology may resemble other forms of hardware, software, systems, and services, but when the focus turns to usability that resemblance breaks down, according Jacob Reider, MD, of the Office of the National Coordinator...

What will drive an increase in EHR replacements in 2014?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The next year in healthcare will usher in a number of changes, from Stage 2 Meaningful Use to ICD-10, and have many already considering whether their current EHR and health IT systems are capable of supporting their work toward a number of...

What causes physicians to become dissatisfied with EHRs?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

In the health IT community, few things generate more discussion than some good old-fashioned EHR backlash. When it comes to lambasting the adoption of EHR technology, many critics emerge and are vocal about their negative experiences and...

EHR backlash takes aim at ineffective, impersonal care

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

When it comes to EHR adoption, the theoretical benefits are not in line with the reality of what’s occurring in the exam room, according to Michael Jones, MD. In an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, “So much data-gathering, so...

How will current EHR adoption, use affect future research?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Research from the United Kingdom provides a glimpse into the challenges following the widespread adoption of EHR systems and capturing of patient data electronically. “The present use of EHR databases requires programing expertise...

What are the basics of redesigning EHR system workflows?

by Sponsored Content

As healthcare organizations rush forward to implement or optimize the EHR systems to meet guidelines for the EHR Incentive Programs, the importance of redesigning workflows oftentimes is overlooked. EHR deployments bring a dramatic...



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