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Epic EHR Patient Portal Gets Interoperability Makeover, CEO Says

March 7, 2016 - The annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition may be best known for bringing together tens of thousands of excited health IT experts with big data and ambitious new innovations on their minds, but the real heart of the largest gathering of healthcare professions in the country is actually very small and very personal. After downing an ocean of hot coffee, walking untold miles through carpeted...

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New Jersey Healthcare Providers Suffer EHR Security Breaches

by Kate Monica

The Diamond Institute for Infertility and Menopause in New Jersey recently suffered a data breach threatening the security of patient EHRs. While EHRs have made patient information more accessible than ever, the rapid digitization of the...

Epic Systems Patient Portal Offers Mayo’s Educational Resources

by Kate Monica

Users of the Epic Systems MyChart patient portal will now have access to patient-facing educational resources developed by the Mayo Clinic. The partnership offers patients more than 18,000 pages of content on more than 4,000 c health topics....

New NATE Member to Focus on Improving Patient EHR Data Access

by Kate Monica

The Health Record Banking Alliance (HRBA) became an association member of the National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) to promote patient control over electronic health records earlier this week. Founded in 2006, the alliance is a non-profit...

Ensuring Patient Concerns Don’t Limit Health Data Exchange

by Kate Monica

A new op-ed by former National Coordinator David Blumenthal, MD, MPP, addresses the potential for digital health information exchange to dramatically change healthcare so long as providers address patient health data security and privacy concerns....

Patient-Generated EHR Data Aids Communication with Providers

by Kate Monica

A safety-net clinic pilot demonstrated the benefits of patient-provider collaboration in EHR technology to patient-provider communication in the exam room. A new study found patient-entered electronic visit agendas between patients and providers...

Study Aims to Aid Patient EHR Documentation Understanding

by Kate Monica

Providers are looking for a way to accurately assess how well patients generally comprehend the technical language used in EHR documentation in order to gauge patient comprehension of health conditions. A recent study by Zheng et al. sought to...

Effective Patient Engagement Strategies Using Health IT

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement is increasing in importance in the healthcare industry, with several initiatives requiring patient access to health information and other patient engagement functionalities such meaningful use and accountable care organizations....

Physician Home Visits Expand Health IT and Portal Use

by Vera Gruessner

Healthcare services can be difficult for certain sects of the patient population to obtain due to residing in more rural areas or being unable to find transportation to medical facilities. To solve this major issue, telemedicine capabilities...

How to Properly Implement Patient Portals for Meaningful Use

by Vera Gruessner

Even though the Stage 3 Meaningful Use proposed rule is now dominating the public dialogue about the EHR Incentive Programs, many healthcare providers are still struggling to meet Stage 2 Meaningful Use regulations. One of the key issues that...

Why a Full-Year Meaningful Use Reporting Period Worries CIOs

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

For those keeping pace with the requirements of Stage 2 Meaningful Use, the 2015 fiscal and calendar years bring with them a full-year meaningful use reporting period and concerns about meeting these demands on their healthcare organizations....

Comprehensive portal, microblog promotes patient engagement

by Jennifer Bresnick

A web-based patient engagement toolkit being developed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, hopes to improve care coordination and amplify a patient’s voice by allowing a greater degree of interaction than current systems...

19% of patients think online doc ratings are very important

by Jennifer Bresnick

Online reviews may currently be most popular among people looking for a great new restaurant or feature-packed cell phone, but patients shopping for a new physician are increasingly turning to the healthcare equivalents of Amazon and Yelp. ...

How do patient portals improve the coordination of care?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Patient-centered care aims to make patients a part of coordinating their care in order to improve outcomes. To bring patients into the fold, healthcare organizations and providers must have strategies and systems in place to engage them. Stage...

Patient portals boost diabetic medication adherence by 6%

by Jennifer Bresnick

New research from Kaiser Permanente and the National Institutes of Health shows that online patient portal access that includes the ability to refill prescriptions can raise the level of medication adherence for diabetic patients by at least...

Will patient engagement work without patient incentives?

by Jennifer Bresnick

There’s a big problem coming down the pike for providers in Stage 2 of meaningful use, and it’s a lot bigger than rounding up some patients into a computer lab and watching them as they type in their portal passwords.  It’s a problem the...

Stage 2 patient engagement could come down to marketing

by Jennifer Bresnick

There’s a long list of things worrying providers about Stage 2 of meaningful use, but one requirement that keeps jumping to the head of the queue is the patient engagement criteria.  Stage 2 asks providers to offer patients the opportunity...

How to satisfy patient engagement in Stage 2 Meaningful Use

by Sponsored Content

Stage 2 Meaningful Use looms over the heads of the CIOs, CMOs, and ultimately the CEOs of our nation’s largest and smallest hospitals alike. In a few short months, hospitals as well as eligible providers must demonstrate that five percent...

True engagement is about meeting patients where they are

by Jennifer Bresnick

With Stage 2 and Stage 3 of meaningful use stressing patient engagement more than ever, and accountable care payments hinging on how responsible patients can be about their own health, getting people involved on a larger scale is crucial for...

State HIEs build their own patient portals to boost engagement

by Jennifer Bresnick

After placing first in the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge earlier this year, startup firm Mana Health has also won the competitive bidding contract to build an innovative statewide patient portal for New York residents.  Following...

Navigating mHealth apps ahead of Stage 2 meaningful use

by Jennifer Bresnick

Ahead of the patient engagement requirements of Stage 2 meaningful use, physicians are seeking attractive, easy ways to get patients online and involved in their care.  Smartphone and tablet apps targeted for healthcare seem like the perfect...



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