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IOM: Health IT Interoperability Factors in Diagnostic Errors

by Frank Irving

The Institute of Medicine (IOM), known for its landmark research on medical errors and gaps in care quality, has turned its attention to the diagnostic process. As part of Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare, a new report released by IOM on Sept....

New Operating Rules Approved for HIPAA Health Data Exchange

by Frank Irving

Focusing on infrastructure requirements for health data exchange, CAQH CORE announced approval on Sept. 23 of a new package of operating rules for electronic healthcare claims, prior authorization, premium payments and health plan enrollment/...

Can Health Information Exchange Efforts be Sustained?

by Frank Irving

Health information exchange efforts continue to unfold across the nation, but serious questions remain about their financial sustainability now that they now longer receive funding from the State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program. Researchers...

The Week Ahead in Health IT Interoperability: Sept. 21-27

by Frank Irving

What’s being described as potentially the largest special event ever held in the United States, Pope Francis’ two-day stay in Philadelphia this week will put area healthcare organizations on a heightened state of alert. In preparation,...

How Patients Factor in the Health Data Exchange Equation

by Frank Irving

While much of the discussion around health data exchange focuses on compatibility between hospital IT systems or among multiple providers, it’s often overlooked that patients can greatly benefit from access to information contained in EHRs....

California Behavioral Health System Takes on EHR Integration

by Frank Irving

Behavioral health clinicians and primary care physicians in Los Angeles County will be able to securely share authorized client and patient data in real time through a new EHR integration initiative. The Los Angeles County Department of Mental...

ASCO Calls Out EHR Interoperability as Barrier to CancerLinQ

by Frank Irving

An evolving health IT platform that leverages big data analytics to help oncologists deliver higher quality care to cancer patients will need to skirt current barriers in EHR interoperability. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)...

6 Areas to Watch in Health Information Exchange

by Frank Irving

The business of operating a health information exchange (HIE) boils down to providing data when and where it is needed to improve patient care and support better health outcomes. But a lot of moving parts must come together to connect separate...

ACOs Still Battling Health Data Exchange Difficulties

by Frank Irving

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) face stiff health data exchange challenges, according to results of the 2015 ACO Survey released this week by the eHealth Initiative (eHI) and Premier. Nearly four-fifths of the 69 responding ACOs reported...

Pervasive Healthcare Interoperability Comes into View

by Frank Irving

Organizations have come a long way toward achieving their healthcare interoperability goals — from the point-to-point interfaces of the early 1980s through the rise of health information exchanges to the emerging application of FHIR protocols....

Interoperable Home Health Technology Poised for Explosive Growth

by Frank Irving

Projections call for the home health technology market to quadruple in size by the end of the decade. Growth factors will fuse as consumers increasingly use interoperable devices, services and apps for medical, health or wellness purposes outside...

Magnetic Signals Show Promise for Wireless Information Exchange

by Frank Irving

If a new wireless communication system develops to its potential in coming years, physicians would be able to tap into information exchange within full-body monitoring networks to gather health data about patients. The technique works by sending...

Greenway, eHealth Exchange Lead HIE Project in Oregon

by Jennifer Bresnick

The nationwide eHealth Exchange is connecting patient data across EHR vendor lines with a pioneering large-scale HIE project in Portland, Oregon.  Greenway Health has partnered with Premise Health, Kaiser Permanente, Intel Corporation, and...

CommonWell Brings Interoperability Services to NW Providers

by Jennifer Bresnick

The CommonWell Health Alliance is making good on its promises to provide health data interoperability capabilities to providers across the nation.  Five healthcare organizations in the Pacific Northwest have inked agreements to use CommonWell’s...

ONC Says EHR Interoperability, HIE Reaches 40% of Hospitals

by Jennifer Bresnick

Four in ten hospitals in the United States can now engage in some degree of meaningful health information exchange, according to the newest issue brief from the Office of the National Coordinator.  These hospitals can access electronic data...

How Can a National Patient Identifier Improve Interoperability?

by Sara Heath

In a healthcare system that is growing more complex through the use of coordinated care, health information exchange (HIE) is becoming increasingly important because various members of a care team need easy access to a patient’s medical...

Five Ways to Boost Health Information Exchange in the ED

by Jennifer Bresnick

Health information exchange that allows emergency department physicians to quickly access comprehensive patient histories is vital for maximizing the value and impact of emergency care, according to a new report published this week in the Annals...

BPC Urges Interoperability Changes to Medical Innovation Strategies

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) is urging Congress to make certain changes to the way federal agencies, including the FDA, handle interoperability and health information exchange in an era of medical innovation. Following a landslide...

Four Revenue-Saving Use Cases for Health Information Exchange

by Jennifer Bresnick

Health data interoperability and health information exchange are challenging prospects for the provider community.  While these principles are often expensive to implement and difficult to achieve, interoperability remains the goal of the...

DirectTrust CEO Asks Congress to End Information Blocking

by Sara Heath

According to a press release, David C. Kibbe, CEO and President of DirectTrust, called for Congress to take the necessary steps to overcome issues of impeded authorized health data sharing, otherwise known as “information blocking.”...



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