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Health Data Exchange

How to Map Epic EHR Lab Orders to Reference Laboratories

by Charlie Francen of CTG Solutions

As Epic Community Connect continues to expand, more physician offices loosely affiliated with multi-hospital systems are expected to begin participating in the shared electronic record system. These physician offices may send patients or specimens...

Is a Culture Change Critical for Health IT Interoperability?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

One step necessary for advancing health IT interoperability is the development and implementation of health IT standards. Another is removing health data governance policies that are responsible for health information blocking. "While not...

Reducing Health IT Interoperability Friction with FHIR

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

One of the healthcare industry’s joint efforts to resolve a lack of health IT interoperability made a surprising discovery when their certified health IT systems were first connected. “We all hooked our systems up to each other and...

Unlocking EHR Systems, Advancing Health IT Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The varying interpretation of health IT standards and specifications has contributed to a lack of health IT interoperability, but its effect on health data exchange may pale in comparison to how different definitions of open EHR technology has...

#Cures2015 Bill Criticized for Health IT Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Despite the progress that the 21st Century Cures Act made this week, its provisions for ensuring health IT interoperability are drawing criticism from healthcare industry groups about their complexity and omission of certain features. On Thursday,...

#Cures2015 Draft Adds EHR, Health IT Interoperability to Mix

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The draft of the 21 Century Cures Act now contains language for ensuring EHR and health IT interoperability through a variety of mechanisms, from aligning certification criteria of qualified technology to enforcing penalties for vendors or providers...

Health Data Exchange Boosted by HIE Changes in Calif., Texas

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Recent health information exchange (HIE) developments in California and Texas should lead to significant improvements in health data exchange for healthcare providers and patients. Earlier this week, Jim Landers of The Dallas Morning News reported...

Conn. Weighs Health Data Exchange, Interoperability Bill

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Health data exchange and interoperability are the focal point of a proposed bill making its way through the Connecticut General Assembly and recently two of its backers have attempted to generate dialogue about to need for statewide health information...

VA CIO Nominee Emphasizes Health Data Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

President Barack Obama's nominee for the vacant chief information officer position for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provided insight about achieving healthcare interoperability between the federal agency and the Department of Defense...

THSA Seeks Data on Cost of Health IT Integration, Interfaces

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The Texas Health Services Authority (THSA) is requesting information to advance healthcare interoperability and health data exchange in the Lone Star State. The public-private partnership created by the Texas Legislature to support health information...

Why Healthcare Interoperability Isn’t a Technical Challenge

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Although health IT standards and their implementation play an important role in health data exchange, these technical aspects are unlikely to be the reason that advancements in healthcare interoperability are not made. Time and time again during...

Clinical Engagement Needed for Healthcare Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Healthcare providers can be either the beneficiaries or victims of health IT standards, yet providers often are left out of conversations about these standards when it comes to their development in the lab and implementation in the field. During...

Turning Health IT Standards into Useable Technology, Data

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Health IT certification and usability are not the same thing. The former is based on the implementation and performance of health IT standards in a health IT vendor's technology whereas the latter is based on the health IT end-user's...

Testing, Certification to Drive Healthcare Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

As EHR use moves from health data collection to exchange, it must now include the ability to send and receive electronic clinical information in an efficient and effective way and do so in concert with other health IT systems and services. Over...

How Meaningful Use Requirements Impact Health IT Standards

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

CHICAGO — With the proposed rules for Stage 3 Meaningful Use and the changes to meaningful use requirements from 2015 to 2017, the EHR Incentive Programs are closing in on the end of road. However, the few years the meaningful use program...

How Healthcare Interoperability, Data Exchange Move Forward

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

CHICAGO — Healthcare interoperability and health data exchange have entered a new phase at HIMSS15, one that is characterized by action and use cases in the here and now rather than in a more distant future. One such example is the progress...

How Interoperability Is Changing the EHR Incentive Programs

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

CHICAGO — The timing of the proposed rule to change meaningful use requirements from 2015 to 2017 signals more than increased flexibility for eligible providers and preparation for streamlined objectives for all participating hospitals...

ONC Report to Congress Tackles Risks of Information Blocking

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

In response to a Congressional request, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has published a report detailing the implications of information blocking for health data exchange and interoperability related to...

Providers Not Demanding Health Data Exchange from Vendors

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Despite the importance placed on healthcare interoperability and health data exchange by federal officials, a majority of healthcare organizations and providers are not demanding these capabilities from their health IT vendors. This is one of...

How Does Competition Impact Healthcare Interoperability?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The Federal Trade Commission has weighed in on the nationwide interoperability roadmap drafted by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and identified aspects of the plan that could have a negative impact...



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