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Perils of Using GEMs as Crosswalks for ICD-10 Transition

November 19, 2015 - During the ICD-10 preparation phase, many vendors, clinicians, and IT administrators converted their current I-9 environment with an approach that included using the general equivalence mappings (or a version of the GEMs) as the key mechanism for preparing their ICD-10 coding and billing tools. One of the challenges with the conversion to the ICD-10 code set was the initiative to...

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Many HIM Departments Unprepared for ICD-10 Transition Snags

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Despite ICD-10 coder productivity being a top concern of health information managers, few were preparing to add additional coding resources prior to the ICD-10 transition deadline at the beginning of October. This and other findings come...

ICD-10 Success for Large Practices, Problematic for Small

by Sara Heath

Several weeks following the implementation of the ICD-10 code set, the progress of the transition appears to vary according to size of the practice. While many large practices are reporting success with the transition, some smaller ones...

Impact of ICD-10 on Small Provider EHR Use, Reimbursement

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Healthcare providers of all sizes are stuck playing the waiting game following the ICD-10 transition on October 1 relative to reimbursement. As family practitioner Linda Girgis, MD, FAAFP, tells EHRIntelligence.com, the true indication of...

ICD-10 Implementation Smooth for Larger, Private Insurers

by Sara Heath

Despite considerable apprehension prior to ICD-10 implementation, many larger insurers are experiencing a relatively smooth transition to the new medical code set. A variety of news outlets and industry sources are reporting little...

ICD-10 Compliance a Struggle for Some Physician Practices

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

October 1 has come and gone, and nearly two weeks in to ICD-10 compliance most of the healthcare industry is relatively mum on the transition to the newer clinical diagnostic and procedural code set. More than likely, healthcare...

Many Physicians Reporting a Downside to ICD-10 Transition

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

A vast majority of physicians report that the ICD-10 transition is having a tangible effect on patient care, according to the social media network for doctors SERMO. Out of 200 members surveyed, 86 percent indicated ICD-10 having an...

CMS Administrator Welcomes Providers to ICD-10 Compliance

by Sara Heath

On October 1, the healthcare industry began ICD-10 compliance after countless months of preparation. In a CMS post, Deputy Administrator and Director of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) welcomed providers to ICD-10...

CIOs, HIM Pros Are ICD-10 Ready After Years of Preparation

by Sara Heath

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) maintain CIOs are ready for ICD-10, according to a recent press release. Although it has been a long road of IT preparation, CHIME states that the healthcare industry is...

CMS Confirms Readiness to Assist During ICD-10 Transition

by Sara Heath

The ICD-10 compliance deadline of October 1 is less than a week away, creating a frenzy of preparation amongst coders, billers, and providers. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) senior officials recently held a...

CMS ICD-10 Transition Investments to Be Tested Next Week

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) shelled out an estimated $116 million to prepare its claims process systems for the ICD-10 transition but the true value of that investment will not be known until after the ICD-10...

Preparing Billers, Coders for a Successful ICD-10 Transition

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Like its outgoing predecessor ICD-9, ICD-10 is a code set that plays both a clinical and financial role in American healthcare — that is, it is not a means of recording diagnoses and procedures but also billing and reimbursement. As...

Why ICD-10 Transition Hinges on Clinical Documentation

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

University of Missouri Health System is ready for upcoming ICD-10 transition deadline. In fact, it has been ready for over two years now, but a series of delays have at the very least provided MU Health with opportunities to fine-tune its...

Lack of ICD-10 Readiness Leads Multiple States to Crosswalks

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) made clear in its most recent national provider call that Medicare is set to receive ICD-10 codes on October 1, with all its systems up and running and a new figure appointed to the...

85% of Healthcare Organizations Feel Confident for ICD-10

by Sara Heath

As the ICD-10 countdown clock continues to tick, Navicure partnered with Porter Research to conduct a survey regarding healthcare organization readiness. As a follow-up to another survey conducted in January of this year, Navicure found...

AHA Releases ICD-10 Transition Checklist for Hospitals

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

A new checklist for hospital leaders highlights "key steps" necessary for a successful ICD-10 transition come October 1. Issued by the American Hospital Association, the checklist divvies up ICD-10 transition activities into three areas...

CMS Chief to Address ICD-10 Implementation in National Call

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) continues gearing up for the October 1 ICD-10 compliance deadline with Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt scheduled to address the ICD-10 transition during a national provider call...

CMS Updates Flexibilities After ICD-10 Transition Deadline

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has provided a lengthy update to its recent clarifications on ICD-10 flexibilities following the October 1 ICD-10 transition deadline. CMS intended last week's frequently asked...

Neurologist Joins Push to Abandon ICD-10 Implementation

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The value of ICD-10 implementation is matter of perspective according to one practicing physician. Neurologist Steven M. Croft, MD, PA, sees no value in the ICD-10 transition for physicians as compared for informaticists and billers. "Is...

ICD-10 Preparation Lacks Testing, Revenue Impact Analysis

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The long-awaited ICD-10 transition is less than three months away and ICD-10 preparation gaps still remain for many providers in the area of testing and revenue impact assessments, according to the 2015 ICD-10 Readiness report published by...



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