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Top Performing EHR Vendors in Meaningful Use Attestation

January 13, 2016 - Since April 2011 and November, eligible professionals and hospitals have completed 722,675 meaningful use attestations using a variety of certified EHR technology across two stages of the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. (As a comparison, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation puts the number of professional active physicians in the United States at 905,061 as of January 2016.)* NB. The re...

What is Meaningful Use Attestation:

Eligble Professionals, Eligble Hospitals, and Critical Access Hospitals s will all need to attest to one set of meaningful use core objectives and measures starting in 2016. These meaningful use core measures replace the menu objectives that existed prior to 2016.

For EPs there are 10 core objectives, and for EHs and CAHs there are nine objectives. All meaningful use participants must attest to the program using certified EHR technology up to either the 2014 or 2015 edition, or a combination of the two.

CMS has put some tips for meaningful use attestation together. 

Under the final rule, which was released in early October of 2015, meaningful use attestation timeframes were adjusted to align with the full calendar year. Starting in 2016, both eligible professionals (EPs) and eligible hospitals (EHs) will need to attest to Stage 2 Meaningful Use between January 1 and December 31 of 2016. Here is a complete breakdown of what you need to know about meaningful use attestation.

Stage 2 Meaningful Use for Eligible Providers

The public use files (PUFs) provided by CMS represent a treasure trove of information relative to how meaningful use eligible providers performed on each Stage 2 meaningful use measure either core or menu.

The most recent PUF contains data on 59560 Medicare physicians across 17 core measures and 6 menu measures.

The first measure (CM21) focused on computerized-physician order entry and comprised three components for which EPs had to exceed 60 percent for medications, 30 percent for labs, and 30 percent for radiology orders during the meaningful use reporting period.

By and large, meaningful use EPs were very successful with this measure, well above 90 percent across the board. That being said, many opted for the exclusion — "any EP who writes fewer than 100 medication, laboratory, radiology, or laboratory orders during the EHR reporting period" — and more so for the second and third parts, laboratory and radiology, respectively.


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