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GAO Identifies Additional Efforts to Improve Patient Matching

January 16, 2019 - The Government Accountability Office recently released findings from interviews of nearly two score of physicians, hospitals, and other stakeholders that detail the many challenges in the way of patient matching as well as potential solutions. Errors in patient matching — primarily the mistaken matching of different patients or the failure to match records for the same patient...

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EHR Integration Aided with Patient Intake Management

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare organizations can greatly benefit from EHR integration tools, such as patient intake management solutions that eliminate duplicative processes and also raise patient satisfaction levels, a recent KLAS report...

ONC Declares Winning Solutions of Health IT Innovation Challenge

by Kate Monica

ONC recently announced the Phase 2 winners of its health data provenance challenge intended to spur health IT innovation. The federal agency launched the challenge in April 2017 to promote the development of solutions capable of improving...

How EHR Data Integration, Integrity Hold Back Effective EHR Use

by Kate Monica

Regulatory pressures have motivated nearly all healthcare organizations across care settings to engage in EHR use. However, problems with EHR data integration and data integrity still bar some hospitals and health systems from getting the...

CAQH Seeks Stakeholder Feedback on Provider Data Roadmap

by Kate Monica

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) has released a draft of its plan to improve provider data accuracy and issued a call for public comment. CAQH developed the Provider Data Roadmap with Provider Data Action Alliance in...

How Strong Health Data Governance Ensures EHR Data Integrity

by Kate Monica

Health data governance best practices are necessary for ensuring providers are getting the most out of their EHR systems. Maintaining the principles of data governance and implementing strategies to improve EHR data quality, use, and...

Health Data Integrity the Focus of ONC Innovation Challenge

by Kate Monica

ONC recently announced its new Health Data Provenance Challenge to address health data integrity at the point of care. As part of the contest, the federal agency is inviting participants to develop innovative solutions for determining...

EHR Use Does Not Preclude Provider Data Communication Errors

by Kate Monica

Well-established EHR adoption does not eliminate the potential for inaccurate provider-to-provider clinical data communication. A recent study by Artis et al. of laboratory data communication among intensive care providers at the Oregon...

AMIA Challenges FDA over EHR Data Quality Claims

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) is raising concerns over EHR data quality in current systems in comments on draft guidance issued by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the use of EHR data for clinical...

Healthcare Claims Data for Sale Under New CMS Regulation

by Frank Irving

Analyzed claims data from Medicare and private sector insurers would be authorized for sale by “qualified entities,” according to a proposed rule released this morning in a special Federal Register filing by the Centers for...

Americans Opening Up to Health Data Exchange with Doctors

by Frank Irving

Public opinion appears to be shifting toward increased acceptance of personal health data exchange. In contrast to previous sampling that showed Americans to be fiercely protective of their personal health information, a new survey from...

Step Counts More Reliable Than Other Activity Measures

by Frank Irving

When it comes to patient-generated health data, a new study finds variable validity in activities measured by wearable activity-tracking devices. In general, consumer activity trackers produce more accurate readings for step-counting...

Data Governance Failures Exposed in VHA Eligibility System

by Frank Irving

Ineffective management of business processes prevented consistent creation and maintenance of essential data at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA)’s Health Eligibility Center (HEC), according to a report filed Sept. 2 by the VA...



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