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EHR System Costs Contributed to Bankruptcy at 3 MS Hospitals

August 30, 2018 - A Tennessee-based healthcare company that owns three hospitals and several physician practices in Mississippi recently filed for bankruptcy in part due to costs associated with its EHR system. Curae Health in Knoxville filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization on August 27, according to MyPlainview. The nonprofit healthcare company owns Amory-based Gilmore Memorial Hospital and...

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How Meaningful Use Requirements Hurt the Small Specialty Practice

by Kate Monica

Federal reporting requirements such as meaningful use have notoriously put a strain on healthcare organizations since the implementation of the HITECH Act of 2009, clouding the potential benefits of EHR technology with burdensome...

Top 10 Ambulatory EHR Vendors by Physician Practice EHR Implementations

by Kate Monica

While the market for inpatient EHR/EMR systems is mostly dominated by a select group of well-known EHR companies such as Epic Systems and Cerner, the wide range of specialties and practice sizes comprising ambulatory care has allowed for...

Outpatient EHR Adoption Reaches 92%, Nears Market Saturation

by Sara Heath

Outpatient EHR adoption has increased steadily over the past eight years, reaching near universal adoption, shows a new essentials brief from HIMSS Analytics. The brief includes results from a nationwide survey detailing PM and EHR...

Small practices, good planners more satisfied with EHR adoption

by Jennifer Bresnick

Smaller practices and those who planned ahead financially for the impact of EHR adoption were more likely to be satisfied with their EHR implementation, according to a new survey of more than 500 members of the American Society of...

Five ways a cloud-based EHR can make meaningful use easy

by Jennifer Bresnick

Providers have a lot of choices when it comes to EHR adoption.  Big company or small start-up, specialty or general use software, bundled package or separate modules – the checklist can grow long and convoluted before you even get to...

EHR implementation: Defining and achieving your ideal workflow

by Jennifer Bresnick

Buying and installing your EHR is only half the battle.  Whether you plan to attest to meaningful use or just want to streamline your administrative and clinical processes, your entire practice must adjust to a brand new way of doing...

Physician EHR adoption: Six tactics for optimization

by Sponsored Content

The focus of many hospitals and practices has shifted to meeting the EHR Incentive Programs and meaningful use standards, which makes having a comprehensive physician adoption program in place critical to a successful and sustainable EHR....

Five questions to ask before considering EHR replacement

by Jennifer Bresnick

Unfortunately for consumers, the electronic health record industry is less “try before you buy” and more “buy, try, squeeze, adjust, and sigh”.  But providers who end up unhappy about the vendor they choose do have some options,...

Should cash-strapped small practices turn to ad-supported EHRs?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Advertising is everywhere.  From your smartphone apps to your radio station to this very article, ads pay the bills for your favorite news outlets, entertainment destinations, and websites.  Sometimes they’re annoying, and sometimes...

More than 76% of dentists access EHRs during patient visits

by Jennifer Bresnick

Dentists have rapidly increased their EHR adoption and increased the prevalence of office technology, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association.  In 2004, only a quarter of dentists used...

Bridging the clinical divide through collaboration, meaningful use

by [email protected]

The point of reception in the clinic represents the opportunity to define patient engagement or the process of engaging patients. For as long as that desk or counter has been there in the clinic, the receptionist’s desk been the...

Senator John Kerry recommends MITECH Act

by Patrick Ouellette

If you don’t qualify for Medicaid but serve lower-income patients, U.S. Senator John Kerry is endorsing a bill that would increase government incentives and eventually help with meaningful use eligibility. The Medicaid Information...

EHR systems and patient stories in healthcare

by [email protected]

The theme on the first day of National Health IT Week included the value of stories in the healthcare experience. There is a lot to be said for the story of the patient experience as it relates to the life of the person that is not limited...

EHR best practices: Bucking the PowerPoint training trend

by Patrick Ouellette

As the number of systems expand and information about EHR becomes more muddled, the right training for your system has developed into a necessity. Simply put, you can’t train an employee on EHR with a PowerPoint presentation nor can...

Relationship between EHR and patient engagement

by [email protected]

Everyone is familiar with the typical visit to the medical clinic. It’s what we’ve come to know as the transactional experience in healthcare. It begins with the check-in between patient and clerical staff, followed by the face...

Improving the patient experience through EMR and health IT

by [email protected]

The patient experience is not a matter of the search for “the answer” but instead “an answer.” Something really exciting happens when you engage in this conversation as a philosophy that you will execute on as a...

EHR best practices: Pairing EHR with small practice values

by Patrick Ouellette

Overhauling your paper records system and bringing in EHR software can be hard on big hospital staff and patients, let alone small practices. Physicians shouldn’t forget that a huge component in making EHR work at their practice is...

Physician series: Louis McIntyre, MD

by Patrick Ouellette

Seeing as Louis McIntyre, MD, at WestChester Orthopedics has been heavily involved with EHR since 2002, he’s run the gamut with the technology, going through the highs and lows. Upon implementing EHR at his orthopedic practice, he...

Will EHR be a means to a more personal care?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

“I know they’re fierce do-it-yourselfers, from the practice managers to the doctors, they’re doing a lot: The practice manager who’s a part-time nurse and the doctor who’s the IT guy,” explains Robert Green, author of Community...



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