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Health IT Vendors Urge HELP Committee to Pass MEDTECH Act

February 23, 2016 - Several notable health IT industry vendors have expressed support for the re-introduction of the Medical Electronic Data Technology Enhancement for Consumer’s Health (MEDTECH) Act into the Senate Health Committee. The MEDTECH Act, introduced to the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee by Senators Michael Bennet and Orrin Hatch in late 2014, aims to make...

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Support for Mental Health Found Lacking in Patient Portals

by Sara Heath

Although electronic health visits, or eVisits, for various health conditions are increasing, recent research shows healthcare providers still need to create considerable headway in providing mental and behavioral healthcare via eVisit. In...

Tips for Approaching Clinical Documentation Improvement

by Sara Heath

Clinical documentation is an important bridge between healthcare coders and physicians. The accurate documentation of health services provided benefits healthcare organizations not only with regard to revenue cycle, but with accurate care...

mHealth, Patient Portal Boom Increases Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Personal health devices and online health resources are a booming enterprise with the potential to increase patient engagement. According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, practices who invest in health technology may see those...

Most Nurses Won’t Go Back After EHR Systems Implementation

by Vera Gruessner

In celebration of National Nurses Week starting on May 6 and ending on May 12, HIMSS Analytics conducted a survey alongside Allscripts that polled nurses on their experience and feedback around EHR systems implementation. The majority of...

FDA Takes Hands-Off Approach to More mHealth Technologies

by Jennifer Bresnick

The FDA wants mHealth technologies that promote patient engagement to flourish without undue regulation that might stifle adoption and innovation, say FDA representatives in a new blog post. The FDA has released finalized guidance stating...

50% of Execs Think mHealth will be Key to Patient Engagement

by Jennifer Bresnick

Half of executive leaders believe that patient engagement will rely heavily on mobile health technologies within the next five years, according to a poll conducted by The Economist.  mHealth technologies will be key to providing patients...

In-Person Consults at Center of State Telehealth Debates

by Jennifer Bresnick

Are in-person consults that establish a relationship with a primary care provider a necessity for patients who want to engage in telehealth?  That’s the question at issue in several states where changing technology demands new...

FDA Won’t Scrutinize Low-Risk Wearables, mHealth Devices

by Jennifer Bresnick

Low-risk wearables, apps, and mHealth devices intended to support general wellness or healthy lifestyle choices will not be closely scrutinized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency says in newly released draft guidance. ...

mHealth, Data Analytics See $4.7 Billion in 2014 VC Funding

by Jennifer Bresnick

The past year saw a $4.7 billion investment in healthcare IT companies, according to a report from Mercom Capital Group, as venture capital firms seek to promote lucrative technologies in the practice-facing and consumer-facing markets. ...

Patient Engagement, mHealth among Top Health Issues in 2015

by Jennifer Bresnick

mHealth apps, increased patient engagement, and a focus on data transparency are in store for the healthcare industry in 2015, says PricewaterhouseCooper. Patient engagement, data transparency, and a rapid increase in the use of mHealth...

Using mHealth to Promote a Healthier Public

by John B. Sparling RN MA Consultant at CTG Health So

Until recently, health information technology had at its core a history of record keeping, billing and reimbursement for services, in addition to data collection maintained on paper or by widely diverse software systems with minimal...

After Huge Q2, Health IT VC Funding Drops by Half to $956M

by Jennifer Bresnick

Venture capitalists were significantly less generous to health IT companies during the third quarter of 2014, Mercom Capital reports, with a total investment of $956 million following a record-breaking $1.8 billion quarter in the middle of...

Groups Urge Congress to Cover Telemedicine under Medicare

by Jennifer Bresnick

The calls for increased coverage of telehealth services under Medicare and Medicaid are growing ever louder, including a new letter from a number of key advocacy groups urging Congress to take immediate action to improve the reimbursement...

How HealthKit integrates with EHR technology; why it matters

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Plenty of mobile health (mHealth) technologies claim to bridge the gap between providers and patients through an innovative mobile application, but none is as widely touted as Apple’s HealthKit that rolled out as part of iOS 8. So...

California eases telehealth consent rules to expand access

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patients in California will find it easier to access telehealth services thanks to a bill signed this week by California Governor Jerry Brown (D) that streamlines the consent process.  AB 809, backed by Assemblyman Dan Logue...

Telemedicine holds promise for chronic disease management

by Jennifer Bresnick

With approximately 75% of healthcare spending focused on chronic diseases and an aging population ensuring that the spending isn’t likely to decrease any time soon, healthcare providers and policy makers have been anxiously searching for...

ATA issues telehealth licensing, reimbursement report cards

by Jennifer Bresnick

The majority of states have a little brushing up to do on their telemedicine reimbursement and licensure policies, according to a pair of state-by-state report cards issued by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).  While 23 states...

68% of patients would be interested in telehealth consults

by Jennifer Bresnick

More than two-thirds of patients would be willing to give a telehealth conference a try, according to a new study in Telemedicine and E-Health, although a number of patients who tried conducting a physician visit through videoconferencing...

Updated GA telemedicine guidelines require in-person visit

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Georgia Composite Medical Board has approved updated telemedicine guidelines that include a controversial provision: in many cases, a physician will be required to conduct a face-to-face examination with a patient before being allowed...



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